family is so important

Goodbye, Martin

By Kelley / November 27, 2021 /

Family matters Since 7th grade, you’ve called me yours. You adopted me as your own and told everyone I was your daughter. When I’d talk about you to others, I’d say you were one of my two dads. You were my bonus dad and one of my biggest supporters. You were my family. And family…

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Husband and wife hugging and kissing at sunset while their sons look creeped out

Family Photography | Lake Arrowhead GA

By Kelley / October 27, 2021 /

Family photography session at Lake Arrowhead with Pear Tree Photography Atlanta was filled with fun, laughter, and shenanigans.

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Gorgeous couple with two cute little girls under the age of five all dressed in bright colors and smiling for family photographs inside Roswell Mill covered bridge

Family Photographs | Roswell Mill Park

By Kelley / August 23, 2021 /

I love when my professional headshot clients contact me again and ask, “Do you do family photographs?” Yes! Yes, I do! Choosing a Location for family photographs First we set a date, finding the right weekend when we were all available. Since there were littles (well, not so little, but still in single digits little),…

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Mom and Dad hugging and kissing their sweet son in front of a live Christmas tree

Christmas Family Photos in Downtown Canton

By Kelley / December 16, 2019 /

This sweet family is in for an incredible treat as one of the chosen families of Sunshine on a Ranney Day. They’re getting a room makeover for their boy Stetson come the new year and I can’t wait to see the magic they create! Kathryn asked her mom to meet us in downtown Canton to…

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Family of four (and one on the way) standing together on Sope Creek Mill Ruins

East Cobb Family + Maternity Photographs at Sope Creek Mill

By Kelley / November 12, 2019 /

This is the third year of photographing Lauren and Michael with their boys. Year one, Lauren’s parents joined them at Rope Mill Park. Year two, Michael’s mom and sister joined them in Piedmont Park. This year, it’s just the four of them at Sope Creek Mill Ruins. Well, just the four of them and one…

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Chinese parents standing with their adult daughter at Vickery Creek near Roswell Mill

The Hu Family at Roswell Mill and Vickery Creek

By Kelley / September 9, 2019 /

When Dongjie asked if I would photograph her with her parents while they were visiting her this summer, of course I said, “YES!” They come once a year, or every other, and stay for close to three months. For Dongjie, it is three months of heaven in eating her Mom’s cooking. Because it suddenly became…

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Grandma's hand is straightening out newborn's LEGACY onesie while being held by Dad in LEGEND t-shirt

Benjamin’s Legacy Lifestyle Newborn Photography Session

By Kelley / August 19, 2019 /

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about our purpose. Why are we here? What is the ultimate goal? I’m a parent. Raising two teenagers. Whom I want to grow up to be kind and decent human beings. Who make a difference (for the good) in their communities. Who love others. And who know they are…

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Seyden family in front of Canton courthouse

Downtown Canton with the Seyden family

By Kelley / July 29, 2019 /

I think that network television and netflix series with families have created a common perception that sarcasm and bickering live within most homes. So every time I’m with a family that is loving, kind, and truly enjoys being with each other…it feels rather remarkable. Spending an evening with the Seyden family was exceptional. While their…

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Three Algerian children running and laughing on Lake Acworth boardwalk

The Kara family at Lake Acworth

By Kelley / July 9, 2019 /

I love the opportunity to become part of a family for an afternoon. To quietly walk among them and enjoy their dynamics. Of how they enjoy and love on each other. Leila and Amir spoke to their children in French and English. They spoke of returning to Algeria over the summer to visit family. Of…

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