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Multi-generational photo with grandparents standing together on a bridge with tall green trees behind them

Multi-Generational Family Photos

By Kelley / July 10, 2023 /

I need to start out by saying I absolutely adore these people. They are amazing humans for how they love each other and others. How they listen, accept, and support other people. I have the highest respect for them and am so honored they had me make multi-generational family photos after moving back to Atlanta.…

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Foster parents making photographs together in the fall

Foster Family Photographs – Canton

By Kelley / January 23, 2023 /

Julie contacted me in the fall asking about foster family photographs. She’s got eight kiddos under her roof and wanted to document this time with them before Christmas. But she was running into problems with other photographers wanting to post all of the photographs on their website. Which is a big privacy issue for families…

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Four year old boy sitting criss cross applesauce behind his toy cars and trains making the number four.

Four Year Old Photoshoot in Woodstock

By Kelley / December 19, 2022 /

Jake’s mama reached out to me around Thanksgiving about doing a four year old photoshoot in downtown Woodstock for her son. Donna had done photos of her daughter when she turned four and wanted to do something similar for her boy. Jake loves trains and has a lot of energy, which made his whole photoshoot…

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A multi-generational family photo at Olde Rope Mill Park on the metal bridge

Multi-Generational Family Photos in Woodstock

By Kelley / November 21, 2022 /

Dawn originally contacted me in September about multi-generational family photos in Woodstock. We agreed Olde Rope Mill Park would be a great location with the landmark bridge for a backdrop. The extra bonus was very little walking would be necessary, which is more friendly to grandparents AND toddlers. Multi-Generational Family Photos Can Be Tricky To…

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Laughing mom and dad sittong on a playset holding their one year old son in a wildflower field

Wildflower Field – Family Photos

By Kelley / September 12, 2022 /

One – I love seeing couples grow and evolve. Two – I love seeing them start families. Three – I love seeing their kids grow up. Four – I love seeing families come together and how they love each other. I’ve known Clarissa since she started dating and married Patrick. I had the pleasure of…

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Two sisters in white sundresses and cowgirl boots in a Woodstock field with their paint horse

Paint Horse Photo Shoot in Woodstock, GA

By Kelley / June 13, 2022 /

Skylar’s high school senior session might have morphed into a paint horse photo shoot. She had this horse name Rooster. Who was a bit of a jerk. Proclaimed by mom and sisters. He was most unhappy after his best horse friend transferred to a different stable. Rooster would chase the other horses around, trying to…

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Goodbye, Martin

By Kelley / November 27, 2021 /

Family matters Since 7th grade, you’ve called me yours. You adopted me as your own and told everyone I was your daughter. When I’d talk about you to others, I’d say you were one of my two dads. You were my bonus dad and one of my biggest supporters. You were my family. And family…

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Husband and wife hugging and kissing at sunset while their sons look creeped out

Family Photography | Lake Arrowhead GA

By Kelley / October 27, 2021 /

Family photography session at Lake Arrowhead with Pear Tree Photography Atlanta was filled with fun, laughter, and shenanigans.

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Gorgeous couple with two cute little girls under the age of five all dressed in bright colors and smiling for family photographs inside Roswell Mill covered bridge

Family Photographs | Roswell Mill Park

By Kelley / August 23, 2021 /

I love when my professional headshot clients contact me again and ask, “Do you do family photographs?” Yes! Yes, I do! Choosing a Location for family photographs First we set a date, finding the right weekend when we were all available. Since there were littles (well, not so little, but still in single digits little),…

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