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Two grooms standing close and smiling in front of Delta jets at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson airport

David + Jimmy’s Wedding at the Renaissance Concourse Hotel

By Kelley / July 22, 2019 /

There is always a different level of excitement on wedding days that is felt in the air and seen in the smiles of people met throughout the day. But this was amped up even moreso as it was the first gay wedding in the Renaissance Concourse in Atlanta. And all of the employees knew it.…

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Let’s Not Fall Into The Grand Canyon, OK?

By Kelley / February 11, 2019 /

I visited the Grand Canyon at the beginning of November.It was on par with my visits happening every ten years.But I want to change that and go back sooner without waiting another ten years. Want to join me?Want to stand out on Shoshone Point and take in the vastness of one of the wonders of…

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Sheila + Tony Randall With Cruise Planners

By Kelley / December 18, 2018 /

I first met Sheila + Tony in an early morning networking meeting. Their British accents were delightful and their use of technology was uncommonly noteable. But it was their enthusiasm for each other and what they do that captivated me. I needed to learn more about these two who moved across an ocean, continue to…

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Renee + Rob’s Intimate Wedding At Minnehaha Falls

By Kelley / October 23, 2018 /

I don’t think it’s a secret that I limit the number of weddings I photograph each year. While they’re hard on my body and I generally can’t walk the next day because my body is so sore from non-stop squats and stretches while carrying 20-30 pounds of gear on my shoulders, that’s not the main…

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Documentary wedding photographer captures spontaneous moment of groom being thrown into the sky above groomsmen while bride and bridesmaids watch in surprise.

Lauren + Brandon’s Amazing Atlanta Country Club Wedding Day

By Kelley / October 16, 2018 /

An amazing wedding day at the Atlanta Country Club celebrating the start of Lauren + Brandon’s marriage.

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High School Senior Photographs In Atlanta’s Best Spots – Andre

By Kelley / September 10, 2018 / Comments Off on High School Senior Photographs In Atlanta’s Best Spots – Andre

Meet Andre. He joined my Senior Tribe this year and is entered to win a four day cruise upon graduation. He’s also a swimmer. And a dreamer. I’m pretty certain he’s going to change the world. I love working with high school seniors and hearing their perspectives. And their hopes. Andre wanted to be in…

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Part 2 Of Charlotte + Andy’s Birth Story At The Atlanta Medical Center

By Kelley / April 16, 2018 / Comments Off on Part 2 Of Charlotte + Andy’s Birth Story At The Atlanta Medical Center

Labor is hard. And it can be long. It can be hard to navigate. Having the assistance of an excellent midwife and/or doula can be instrumental in delivering your baby the way you wanted and envisioned. And not under the agenda being pushed by hospital staff. Lauren from Meraki Mama Collective was with Charlotte and Andy throughout…

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Atlanta Birth Center Story – Charlotte + Andy (Part 1)

By Kelley / April 2, 2018 /

For weeks, I knew Charlotte was ready to bring Eva into this world and meet her. I could see it in her facebook and instagram posts. Eva was continuing to grow. Charlotte’s discomfort was growing with being able to move. But moreso, hers and Andy’s excitement couldn’t climb much higher to meet this little one.…

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Dream Wed-Cation In The Dominican Republic – Leah + DJ Married!

By Kelley / March 5, 2018 /

My people. They are not ordinary. They do things their own way. They’re practical and kind. And they know how to have fun. These two got married the first time in Minnesota at the start of the year, even though their destination wedding (hereon wed-cation!) in the Dominican Republic was already planned. While their marriage…

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