Sheila + Tony Randall With Cruise Planners

I first met Sheila + Tony in an early morning networking meeting. Their British accents were delightful and their use of technology was uncommonly noteable. But it was their enthusiasm for each other and what they do that captivated me. I needed to learn more about these two who moved across an ocean, continue to travel the world together, and have been married for almost sixty years.

In a society where lasting marriages aren’t the norm, I will always ask couples who have been married for decades what their secret is. The answer varies between couples and sometimes between the two who are married. They all have different perspectives and experiences. When I asked Sheila + Tony about their secret, I could see Tony thinking while Sheila was quick to answer, “Compromise!” We both looked at Tony for his response and he remained quiet as a smile slowly spread across his face and he nodded in agreement.

If you’re planning a trip around the world to Australia or New Zealand, Sheila is a wealth of knowledge on how to plan the most enjoyable trip and within your budget. And if you’re dreaming of a European cruise (or anywhere else in the world), Tony can tell you about all the ships available. I’m pretty sure he’s been on each and every one.

Sheila and Tony Randall have been working together in the travel industry for 25 years. Sheila has been in the industry, on and off, since leaving high school and getting a job as a secretary in a travel agency in London, England. Sheila and Tony will be celebrating their 59th wedding anniversary in April.Cruise Planners is the second largest travel agency globally. Travel in Style is part of the Cruise Planners franchise family.   Travel in Style books all Australian, New Zealand, Southern African and Asian destinations as well as European destinations. Sheila Randall handles all the land packages and river cruises booked by Travel in Style Cruise Planners. Tony Randall books all the cruises. Sheila is an Aussie and Kiwi Specialist and has been to both countries nine times. Tony is a cruise Specialist.