Hunter Rose Performing Live | HI-TOPS Sports Bar

I first met Hunter Rose in Panama City to photograph his whole family on the beach. He serenaded us throughout the session with his ukelele. I told his family that I would forevermore need live music during my sessions. It was obvious, even with just a ukelele, Hunter was a talented musician.

When his mom let me know later that he’d be performing live at different sports bars, I jumped at the chance to go! Seeing Hunter Rose on stage tuning his guitars, talking with his dad, and then performing for a crowd of people was so cool. He was in his element singing on stage. But then it’s always so exhilarating watching someone do the thing they love.

He had his own list of songs he was covering, but also took requests. Towards the end of the night, there was a couple dancing in front of the stage. It was clear they were thoroughly enjoying Hunter’s music as they were raising their beers to him.

Hunter Rose sitting on a stool playing his guitar under stage lights
Hunter Rose playing his guitar on stage under white, green, and purple lights
Black and white photograph of Hunter Rose holding his guitar on stage and smiling
A singer leaning backwards into the shadows and laughing while covering his face
Hunter Rose sitting on a stool on stage and playing an electric guitar
High school boy performing on stage at HI-TOPS SPORTS BAR playing his guitar and singing
Hunter Rose leaning back on his stool on the HI-TOPS SPORTS BAR LIVE MUSIC stage and playing his guitar
Hunter Rose singing on stage and playing his guitar
A couple dancing and drinking beers in HI-TOPS SPORTS BAR are raising a beer to the live acoustic singer performing onstage

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