Lauren + Brandon’s Amazing Atlanta Country Club Wedding Day

I think we can all agree this is the natural attention getting image from the day Lauren + Brandon’s marriage began in East Cobb. The day started with getting ready in the homes of family friends surrounded by bridesmaids, groomsmen, moms + dads, and grandparents, too. Vows were exchanged in the midst of a Catholic mass at St. Ann’s. A celebration continued at the Atlanta Country Club. And was it ever a celebration.

But don’t let the elements of celebrating distract you from the fact that what was really happening was a boy stood in front of a girl and asked her to be his. Forever. And she said yes. Without a doubt. I’m yours. Forever.

What ensued was an amazing show of support from the people who love Lauren + Brandon the most. Those who have been there from before they were born and couldn’t wait for their births. Those who grew up with them. Those who made their way through high school and college as they determined who and what was important in their lives. What they stood for and who would stand next to them for decades to come.

Love overflowed on this day in September. From the quiet planning and assistance of friends to hang an exquisite wedding dress in a stunning foyer, to gifts and touching personal letters filled with butterflies and stardust, to eyes of many being wiped of tears throughout the day whenever the emotions became overwhelming that these two really do have it all together.

Gorgeous lace wedding gown hanging in luxurious two story foyer.
Two assistants applying lip gloss and curls to a beautiful bride in front of window.
Sister and mother helping fasten bride's dress.
Sister and mom holding cape out from top of bride's dress.
Bride walking out of private bedroom for reveal with bridesmaids
Bridesmaids and mother-in-law to be react to seeing bride in gown for first time.
Father seeing daughter with outstretched arms for first time in her wedding gown in a study with a spiral staircase.
Groom laughing with groomsmen as they show off their cuff links.
Groom laughing as his dad kisses his cheek.
Groom in sunglasses looking dashing.
St. Ann's Catholic church in Marietta, GA.
Father walking bride down aisle of St. Ann's Catholic Church to her groom while mom wipes away tears.
Bride + groom blowing out individual candles after lighting unity candle.
Bride + groom kissing as happy priest looks on and clasps his hands.
Elated bride + groom walk out of St. Ann's Church after marriage ceremony.
Bride + groom release butterflies after ceremony and make faces as some take off and others aren't quite ready to fly.
A butterfly lands on bride + grooms hands as they walk out of St. Ann's Catholic Church while other butterflies fly around them.
Bride's hand intertwined in her groom's hand.
Bride and groom calling the Dawgs with UGA cheer.
Groomsmen singing at top of their lungs.
Sweetwater Junction performing live at Atlanta Country Club for Lauren + Brandon's wedding.
Celebrating bridesmaids dancing, drinking, and snapchatting.
Shirtless groom holding his new wife wearing her wedding gown and his tie.
Georgia Bulldog ice sculpture overlooking wedding reception inside the Atlanta Country Club.
Bride dancing and singing with hands in the air surrounded by friends and mom.
Bride's dad joking with brothers and reaching for camera to block all evidence of shenanigans.
Shirtless groom on shoulders of brother and groomsmen in wedding reception.
Bride crowd surfing in wedding reception as other dance or document on snapchat and facebook live.
Groom dancing in wedding reception and raising tambourine in the air.
Coca Cola bottles for Brandon & Lauren with 9-15-18 wedding date on labels.
Atlanta Country Club golf cart with Just Married sign on back and beer cans trailing on ribbons behind it.
Bride snuggling into groom and laughing above Atlanta Country Club golf course, Sope Creek, and covered bridge.

There was an incredible celebration on the 15th of September in 2018 in Lauren + Brandon’s honor. A few hundred people participated. There were prayers. There was singing. There were tears. There was a lot of dancing. And there was laughter.

Congratulations, you two. You are incredible human beings who are creating a phenomenal life together. You keep on cherishing each other like you do because I know amazing adventures await you both!

These fabulous vendors + venues helped make this day possible:

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