a marriage just started

Destination Asheville NC Wedding At Memory Mountain At Wolf Laurel – David + Amanda Got Married!

By Kelley / November 21, 2016 /

Love is a hard thing to describe sometimes. How it makes you feel. How it changes you. How it ignites a fire inside your soul that no one else has ever come close to sparking. How it doesn’t necessarily make any sense. But ever since I met David + Amanda, the love that they share…

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Roswell, GA Wedding At Primrose Cottage – Kelly + Steve Got Married!

By Kelley / May 23, 2016 /

So many wedding days begin with a nervous excitement. But this beautiful day in April had a quiet calmness to it. In the middle of putting on a wedding dress. Fastening cufflinks. And even throughout toddler antics. There was a peaceful anticipation. There was a notebook filled with a myriad of reasons to walk down…

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Faith Lutheran Church Wedding – Penny + Dylan Got Married!

By Kelley / April 4, 2016 /

This was a day slated for rain. Unending downpours are what had been projected for the previous two weeks. But by the time Penny and Dylan were ready to walk down the aisle of their church and exchange vows, the clouds cleared out and the sun shone brightly over their intimate wedding at Faith Lutheran…

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Primrose Cottage Wedding In Roswell, GA – Ashley + Garrett Got Married!

By Kelley / December 7, 2015 /

After weeks of rain and drizzle, the skies cleared up and the sun shone over Ashley + Garrett’s wedding day at Primrose Cottage. Ashley was the first to arrive from the hotel with her ladies. While Ashley was getting dressed upstairs, Garrett and his guys were cutting up in the cellar of Primrose Cottage. Ashley…

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Atlanta Contemporary Art Center Wedding – Will + Claire Got Married!

By Kelley / October 26, 2015 /

The show must go on. Or something like that. Even when it rains. It was drizzly on and off throughout this wedding day, which forced the ceremony and reception inside of the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center. The locals in the art center already embraced the rain. This was a fun reminder to stumble upon during Claire…

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Kimber + Devlin – MARRIED! {Como Conservatory, St. Paul MN Wedding}

By Kelley / September 7, 2015 /

The weather this week in August was a little weird. It had been in the 90s until the day I flew into Minneapolis several days before Kimber + Devlin’s wedding, at which point it dropped into the 60s. Rain clouded the forecast. For days on end. And then it miraculously shaped up, the temperatures climbed…

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Kimber + Devlin – MARRIED! {Happy Gnome, St. Paul MN Wedding Reception}

By Kelley / September 7, 2015 /

I drove ahead of Devlin + Kimber and had time to set up lights in the Firehouse Room of the Happy Gnome before going back outside to meet them when they walked up. This gnome sits outside of this fine establishment, waiting to greet every guest. We made a few portraits outside of the Happy Gnome. Then we…

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Brittany + Dakota’s Southern Wedding For Heather Photographers

By Kelley / July 27, 2015 /

It was a year ago that I met Heather Murphy of Heather Photographers at a local business luncheon where she was speaking. We hit it off and I was delighted to find a local photographer who was down to earth, kind, and lived just a couple neighborhoods away from me. She later reached out and…

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North Georgia Mountain Wedding In Big Canoe – David + Christine – Married!

By Kelley / December 29, 2014 /

Christine and David exchanged vows in the North Georgia mountains in mid-October. The day was absolutely gorgeous, with a break in the rain that we’d had for days.  It was just a few weeks prior when Christine and I first spoke. The location was still up in the air. She knew she wanted a waterfall…

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