Intimate Mountain Park Wedding – Katy And Nick Got Married!

destiny – [des-tuh-nee]

1. something that is to happen or has happened to a particular person or thing; lot or fortune.2. the predetermined, usually inevitable or irresistible, course of events.3. the power or agency that determines the course of events.
 When two high school sweethearts sit down with me at a local craft brewery and tell me they know all the lines from Rhinestone and the Princess Bride, it feels a little like destiny to me. It was further solidified when these first few lines were spoken during their wedding ceremony in Mountain Park. While torrential rains poured down shortly before Katy + Nick’s ceremony, the skies cleared in time for the seats to be dried and the ceremony held outside next to the lake. Within their circle of family and friends, there were a few photographers who enjoyed documenting this day just as much as I did. You might notice them having fun with me before the ceremony.

Their day was filled with laughter, tears sliding down cheeks, hugs, love, dancing, and sparklers. There was a span of at least seven decades and three generations on the dance floor between the kids and grandparents who were seriously getting their jam on. There were dance lines and grandiose solos that showed off Katy’s theatre background. And there were dum dum lollipops. Nick even shared one with me during their portraits. He says he’s always prepared.

Mountain Park gazebo and wedding guests waiting for bride + groom
Wedding guests photographing Pear Tree Photography Atlanta wedding photographer
Bridal party walking bride to hiding spot
Groom walking to Mountain Park ceremony
Parents walking bride to groom at ceremony gazebo
Bride + groom during Mountain Park gazebo wedding ceremony with guests in background
Groom and surprised bride during outdoor Mountain Park gazebo wedding ceremony
Happy newly married couple walking away from wedding gazebo
Bride + groom kissing during entrance to reception
Bride grabbing groom's butt while dancing in Mountain Park gazebo
Groom kissing bride's head while looking out over Mountain Park lake
Bride + groom sucking on Dum Dum lollipops next to Mountain Park lake
Groom kissing his bride on historic Mountain Park bridge
Bride + groom kissing in front of bright driveway
Bride + groom laughing and raising glasses during toast
Bride + Groom dancing
Bride laughing + spinning her groom during first dance
Bride + her father laughing during Father Daughter wedding dancing
Groom spinning his smiling mom during Mother Son wedding dance
Wedding guests dancing under Mountain Park wedding tent
Bride dancing and having fun with guests under Mountain Park wedding tent
Wedding guests taking cell phone selfie under wedding tent
Wedding guests celebrating in dance line under wedding tent
Joyful Grandma dancing in dance line under Mountain Park wedding tent
Badass wedding guests dancing and doing the macarena under wedding dance tent
Gif of bride tossing her wedding bouquet under Mountain Park tent and her maid of honor catching it
Bride's mom hugging her tearful sister while photographing wedding dance
Wild hair flying dancing wedding guests
Outside looking into wedding tent during night
Mother dancing with sleeping child on her shoulder
Bride singing to her groom during Mountain Park wedding reception
Grandparents dancing during their granddaughter's wedding reception
Boy in cast being danced on his father's shoulder at wedding reception under tent
Wide angle view of outdoor wedding reception under Mountain Park tent at night
Bride + groom singing and dancing with each other during Mountain Park wedding reception
Wedding party dancing and getting down during Shout song
Wedding party singing and dancing in circle under Mountain Park tent
Bride and groom night exit under sparklers from Mountain Park wedding in Roswell, GA

Thank you Katy + Nick.
For the honor of documenting your wedding day.
For trusting me with such intimate moments and the start of your marriage.
For sharing your dum dums.
For your honesty + wit.
For the Princess Bride beer koozee that has kept cold beverages quite tasty over our hot summer.
For letting me meet you in Tampa and photographing you on the beach after returning your wedding day.