Primrose Cottage Wedding In Roswell, GA – Ashley + Garrett Got Married!

After weeks of rain and drizzle, the skies cleared up and the sun shone over Ashley + Garrett’s wedding day at Primrose Cottage.

Ashley was the first to arrive from the hotel with her ladies.

While Ashley was getting dressed upstairs, Garrett and his guys were cutting up in the cellar of Primrose Cottage.

Ashley had a few moments with her sister and maid of honor before Garrett came up for an Almost-But-Not-Quite-First-Look.

I’m finding more couples are wanting to be together prior to the ceremony to be able to talk and hold hands while exchanging gifts and letters. It is so helpful in calming nerves, but still saves the surprise of the dress for the processional when the bride is given to the groom. Ashley + Garrett’s letters to each other were the sweetest!

Ashley was sneaking a peek out the front window to see which guests had already arrived.

I loved when Ashley walked through this patch of sun and she glowed. It was such radiant light!

Normally, outdoor weddings at Primrose Cottage have the guests facing into the gorgeous magnolias. During one of the walk throughs at Primrose Cottage with Ashley, we talked about what the lighting would be like on the lawn and also on the steps. She really wanted to get married on the steps with all of the guests facing Primrose Cottage. Most of the dappled lighting of the sun shining through the leaves fell in the arched driveway and not the steps on their wedding day.

I love that moment when rings are slipped on fingers. It’s so close to being pronounced a married couple. There is excitement in the air. Relief that it’s almost official. The nerves about being the center of attention have been forgotten.

And then it’s official. They can kiss. They’re married people. And they can walk out of the lime light.

We had about thirty minutes for portraits before they needed to be inside for a quick bite to each before walking into the reception hall. There were shenanigans a plenty.

That moment when integral family members and the wedding party are announced….it’s a contagious excitement that puts big grins on everyone’s faces.

The first dance and dances with parents were so fun!

The celebration and joy on a wedding day when two people get married is palpable. I love the happiness that fills wedding days!

And the toasts. They were heart felt. Thoughtful. Kind. And instilled a deep understanding of how valued and loved Ashley + Garrett are to their family members. I might have been wiping away tears of my own.

It’s not every day that the people who love you most stand in front of a crowd and share how much you mean to them. Hearing that. It’s powerful.

And then it was time for cake. I was expecting a good cake smash!

DJ Derek B from d street entertainment was sooooo fun!

And then the real dancing ramped up!

Time for the garter toss! It went to the four year old. 🙂

And the bouquet toss outside from the upper balcony. Plenty of room for that bouquet to fly without hitting a ceiling!

Ashley’s parents surprised them with a convertible getaway car complete with NFL loyalty and cans to clink behind the car.

Happily ever after, you two!