Ballground, GA Wedding At Greystone Estate – Rosie + Brandon Got Married!

It’s always a little nerve wracking watching the forecast in the days leading up to a wedding. Especially when storms are on the horizon. Even on the morning of Rosie + Brandon’s wedding, the skies were filled with storm clouds. Ponchos and umbrellas were packed in my car. My second shooter Tammy had brought along rain gear for her camera equipment and serious rain voodoo. The rain clouds kept their distance while giving us sunshine and dramatic skies throughout the day.

The excitement levels were through the roof. The entire day long. There were tears of joy. All. Day. Long. I even fogged up my camera with tears in the bridal getting ready room when Rosie hugged her Grandma and said, “Grandma. I’m so glad you’re here.” The feelings of love, appreciation, celebration, and all around gratefulness to be present at the start of a marriage are overwhelming.

Overwhelmingly good. Powerful. Soul satisfying. Down-to-your bones fulfilling.
In a way that every time you think about it, a smile involuntarily spreads across your face as you remember different moments of this wonderful celebration that unfolded at the beautiful Greystone Estate in Ballground, GA.

Greystone Estate bride
Bride getting ready with her bridesmaids
Bride with Grandma on her wedding day
Groom rehearsing the mother/son dance.
Groom getting ready with groomsmen
Bride having fun with bridesmaids at Greystone Estate.
Groom playing pool with his groomsmen at Greystone Estate.
Bride taking selfie with her bridesmaids
Groom reacting as he sees his bride for the first time walking down aisle at Greyston Estate
Rosie + Brandon's wedding ceremony at Greystone Estate.
Greystone Estate outdoor wedding ceremony.
Rosie + Brandon after being pronounced husband and wife at Greystone Estate wedding.
Bride and groom on hill with dramatic skies.
Bride and groom running through Greystone Estate field
Bride and groom embracing.
Bride and groom first dance at Greystone Estate.
Bride and groom listening to toasts of best man and matron of honor at Greystone Estate.
Greystone Estate wedding and cakes
Bride and groom cutting the wedding cake at Greystone Estate.
Celebratory dancing at Greystone Estate wedding.
Groom throwing the garter at Greystone Estate wedding.
Bride tossing bouquet at Greystone Estate wedding
Wedding dancing at Greystone Estate.
Dance line at Greystone Estate wedding.
Dancing at Greystone Estate wedding.
Bride carrying and swinging groom at Greystone Estate wedding.
Bride and groom dancing together at Greystone Estate wedding
Bride and groom leaving Greystone Estate wedding under rose petals being thrown.

I loved documenting your wedding day, Rosie + Brandon!

I love how you value people.
Family. Friends. Each other.
It was more than evident on your wedding day how important your people are to you.

Wishing you all the best in your adventures together as married people.
Whatever comes your way, I know you will make the best of it.
That you’ll make it fun.