Roswell, GA Wedding At Primrose Cottage – Kelly + Steve Got Married!

So many wedding days begin with a nervous excitement. But this beautiful day in April had a quiet calmness to it. In the middle of putting on a wedding dress. Fastening cufflinks. And even throughout toddler antics. There was a peaceful anticipation. There was a notebook filled with a myriad of reasons to walk down the aisle. So many that it couldn’t even be closed all the way.

So much goes into the planning of a wedding day. Thoughtfulness to differentiate the day in the minds of family and friends. Little and big ways to celebrate the start of a marriage. From jewelry to floral arrangements. Chicken and salmon or both. First dance songs. Ice cream bars and cake. Seating charts or no seating charts. Bouquet and garter tosses, or carefully selected individuals to hand the special items. Whether the day is kept simple or extravagantly executed, the day flies.

There are hugs and dances and well wishes.

And the day flies.

There are toasts and cheers and waves goodbye from the car in the driveway.

And the day flies.

For all of the anticipation and counting down of days for months and weeks until the wedding day.

The day flies.

There is nothing that I’ve found that has slowed it down.

But now there are photographs.

Photographs that will last a life time.

That may be passed down to future generations.

Or not.

But photographs that stopped time. That can be held in a lap and will bring back emotions and memories of that exact moment.

And that is a wonderful thing.

Kelly + Steve. I wish you all the best in your married adventures!