Professional Headshot in Canton, GA – Ann Calloway with Silver Fern Co

I had the pleasure of photographing Ann recently to update her professional headshot in Canton. She needed a new image to represent herself online that was professional and current. I love headshot sessions because it gives me a glimpse into other peoples’ lives and professions. To learn what motivates them, what got them into the profession they’re in, and generally who/what they love most about their lives. I loved working with Ann and her story, so I asked if I could share it.

Keep reading. Ann’s story is awesome!

Growing Up and Playing Office

I grew up in rural Oklahoma and as a child played “office” in my grandparents Tax & Bookkeeping firm.  They worked from their house and had clients all over the state which my Grandad traveled to visit and complete their taxes when needed.  Playing in that office was fun and they let us kids staple and stamp our hearts out (remember those stamps that would make things as “COPY” to help determine originals and copies??).  We weren’t allowed to touch the copy machines though…they were huge mammoth machines that were the lifeblood of the operation back in the day when digital was only used to describe that new alarm clock that has to be plugged in.

Becoming an Accountant

Fast forward to my college days, when I was helping my Grandma do business taxes and bookkeeping while I worked my way through school. I developed a knack for accounting, but there was no way I was going to be a boring Accountant so I pursued Psychology and ended up in the Fashion wholesale industry in Manhattan for 20 years.  I held many jobs in Marketing, HR, and finally managing an entire department when I realized I was dealing primarily with budgets, re-purposing resources, and departmental spending/allocations.  One day I looked around and realized I was, in fact, an Accountant.  

Taking Care of Business Owners

The entrepreneur in me had always wanted to grow my own business and when the opportunity presented itself, I started working with small business clients to manage their books and provide business strategies for growth. I currently offer a comprehensive list of services including Payroll, A/P & A/R, Bank Reconciliations, Monthly Financials, Sales Tax Filings, Inventory Management, etc.  I seek out business owners who are growing and ready to outsource the details so they can focus their time and attention on what matters most to them. My services are tax deductible and I can almost always save my clients enough money to offset my costs as my ultimate goal is their success.

You can see more about what Ann does on her Silver Fern Co website. And if you’re needing bookkeeping or accounting services for your small business, I highly recommend her. Ann is fantastic at communicating the different options she offers and is outstanding at exceeding expectations!

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