Fun Engagement Session at Avalon and Jones Bridge Park – Brittany + Frank

I met these two almost four years ago. They were in Kelly + Steve’s wedding party. I remembered them distinctly and immediately when I received Brittany’s inquiry in January about getting together to talk about photographing hers and Frank’s wedding later this year. I was so pumped to hear these two were planning the start of their marriage. So when I saw her email come through in the middle of my son’s tennis match against Wheeler High School, I stepped away to give her a call and squeal in excitement for a little bit.

Sweet engaged couple kissing, dancing, and being silly during their engagement session in Avalon.

They didn’t have a wedding date set yet, but I promised to follow up soon with open dates and times to meet up in person to talk all things wedding related over tasty beverages. We met up a couple weeks later at Truck & Tap in downtown Woodstock. It had snowed earlier that day, so it was a potentially treacherous drive that we were relieved ended up working out.

Romantic couple celebrating their engagement in Avalon.

We talked about everything. How they met. Why now. Their dogs. Bourbon. Kelly + Steve’s wedding. Kelly + Steve’s babies. Their dogs. Family. The Italians. Their dogs.

Engaged couple pouring and drinking champagne while sitting on terrace steps in Avalon.

We also paged through a couple of wedding albums together to talk about the types of photographs they are drawn to and how they want to remember the start of their own marriage. Brittany was all, “Ooooooh. Pretty pictures!” and Frank was all, “I like the lighting in this one, this one, and this one. And I don’t like seeing the lights here, but if you cropped it like this then I’d like it.” Most people aren’t able to articulate what they love (or don’t) about photographs, so it was awesome getting such insight into what they both liked in order to create images they’ll both love.

Sweet couple kissing at Avalon during their engagement session

Two hours later, we said our goodbyes and drove home before the roads froze. So I guess we kinda liked each other, but that two hours flew!

Romantic engaged couple kissing by Avalon fountains and toasting with champagne.

It wasn’t long before contracts were signed, dates + locations were set, outfits were getting planned, and logistics were finalized for including the dogs. Ok, maybe the outfits weren’t planned until the morning of. And the jeans + hoodie were last minute decisions for the park. But these two knocked it out of the park!

Happy couple posing with their dogs during engagement session at Jones Bridge Park.

You two.

I can. Not. Wait. For your wedding day.

It’s going to be amazing.

I just know it.

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