Newborn Photography Session | Canton GA

Barely a week after Clarissa and Patrick’s maternity session, I was in their home for their newborn photography session. Like all of my newborn sessions, this was very laid back. I followed this newly expanded family unit around and documented how much they love this new baby boy. There were snuggles. There were feedings. A diaper change. An outfit change. And lots of laughter.

Looking for the changes at home during a newborn photography session

During a newborn photography session, I look for ways the home might have changed with the new arrival. I want to photograph all of it. The books and the bottles. Drying racks for all the bottles. How the family pets are adjusting or trying to claim the newborn’s spots as their own. And then photograph those parts of their family story. Because these kids grow up fast. And parental memories are fleeting of these quickly changing times as new phases are constantly starting.

Let’s label the newborn baby!

Patrick loves his label maker and puts labels everywhere. I saw one that said, “I LOVE YOU” that he secretly stuck on the side of Clarissa’s desk at work. We talked about his love of labels during their newborn photography session. He pulled out the label maker and made a new one that said, “HENRY” and promptly stuck it on Henry’s forehead.

So much love

Guys. Henry is in for it with these parents. They are going to enjoy this child and love him like nobody’s business. I know they won’t take him too seriously and laughter will fill their home, teaching this kid that life is more fun than serious. And above all else, he is loved like crazy! Can I share that I’m a little jealous of them and the love they share?

The book "I WAS PROMISED A BABY" sitting on a coffee table next to two hats and a coffee mug
Bearded dad holding his newborn and yawning son
Father's hands holding his infant son and showing off tiny toes during their newborn photography session
Yawning newborn baby boy
Smiling mom holding up her son's footprint during her newborn photography session.
Newborn son sucking on his dad's pinky finger while being held by dad
Gorgeous medium hair orange tabby laying on the carpet next to Turkish hand made shoes
Mom holding her baby boy during her newborn photography session
Little legs and feet being shown off during a newborn photography session
Newborn feet extending over his mama's arms
Newborn baby boy being cradled in his mom's lap and arms with his hands held close together
Mom kissing her son's head during their newborn photography session
Mom talking to the orange tabby cat on her newborn son's changing pad
Mom holding her newborn son while dad let's baby grasp his finger
Black and white photograph of new parents holding their baby son in the nursery
photograph of smiling parents during their newborn photography session holding their baby
parents holding their newborn son and enjoying the mohawk they created with his hair
Dad gave this child a mohawk!
Newborn baby boy with a label of his name Henry stuck to his forehead
Newborn baby with his name on a label stuck to his foot
Parents standing in front of their blue front door holding their newborn son and laughing
Mom and dad holding their infant son and smiling in front of their front door at the end of their newborn photography session

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