Engagement Photography Session | Georgia Tech + Piedmont Park

Engagement photography session: Part 1 at Georgia Tech

Abigail + Son met at Georgia Tech while completing their graduate studies in architecture. So of course they wanted to return to the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design building where they had classes together. We started at the LEED research building. Then meandered around campus to other favorite spots during the first half of their engagement photography session.

While we were together, they talked about how they met. Meeting each others’ families. How their careers took them to Boston. The challenges of living in Boston and planning a wedding in Atlanta. What all they had planned for their wedding and what still remained to be checked off that To Do list. All of the trips between Boston and Atlanta. How COVID impacted travel and wedding plans. The massive structure hanging down a couple of stories in one of the buildings we went in. That they helped design and build. With thousands of rivets. Look carefully and you’ll see it hanging above them in a couple of photographs.

Part 2 at Piedmont Park

After moving around the Georgia Tech campus, we got in our cars and headed to Piedmont Park. These two changed outfits for a fun new look. There was a leisurely walk through the park with a lot of hand holding and laughter. We talked about their extended travels around the world and hopes for their upcoming honeymoon after their wedding. If the pandemic didn’t affect travel further. We ended their engagement photography session with them standing in the Atlanta skyline just before sunset. Then parted ways for a few months until their next return to Atlanta for further wedding planning.

I’m so excited for their wedding day to arrive. The day before will be extra special with TWO Vietnamese Tea ceremonies. One at each of their parents’ homes. It will be filled with delicious Vietnamese food, gifts, and a whole lot of love as these two families come together in celebration before the wedding day.

Engaged Asian-American couple holding hands and smiling in front of  Georgia Tech architectural graduate studies building
Laughing Asian-American during their engagement photography session outside of a brick building
Smiling couple looking at each other with Georgia Tech campus behind them during their engagement photography session
Happy engaged couple holding hands as they walk down a curvy path underneath a dream cover of trees.
Two architects standing under the sculpture they helped design and build at Georgia Tech during their engagement photography session.
Happy couple leaning in close while smiling and sitting on tall wooden steps inside Georgia Tech
Laughing Asian-American couple sitting close together in black and white photograph
Happy engaged couple sitting on steps in Piedmont Park holding each other
Cute engaged couple holding hands and having fun walking while she swishes her dress
Happy Asian-American couple holding hands while walking through Piedmont Park during their engagement photography session
Loving engaged couple holding hands while walking next to Piedmont Park stone wall
Sweet couple about to kiss in Atlanta skyline during  their engagement photography session
Happy couple holding hands and laughing with Atlanta skyline behind them
Silhouette of engaged couple holding hands in Atlanta skyline at sunset

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