Maternity Photographs | Cartersville, GA

I have known Clarissa for years and was so excited for her when she told me she was pregnant. And I was even more excited when she asked me to make maternity photographs for her and Patrick towards the end of her pregnancy! We talked about dates, what to wear, and where they wanted to go for their photos. She chose a field in Cartersville that had hills in the distance.

While I had met Patrick before, this was the first time I got a decent chunk of time with him. It was obvious why Clarissa fell in love with him and how perfect the two are for each other. We talked about a lot during their maternity session. From race cars, to Patrick’s labeling obsession (I first saw one of them on her desk at work saying “I LOVE YOU”), to dreams about their baby’s future. It was clear that Henry would have two parents who adore him. And who will be incredibly patient and amused with whatever antics he brings to the table. I expect genetics will be strong with him for trouble making and humor as he grows up. You know that saying about apples not falling far from the tree.

When I later drove to their house to show them their maternity photographs, I got to meet their sweet kitties. The bonus was I got to also plan a little for their newborn session after Henry was born. I love getting advance looks into people’s homes to see what lighting is like in rooms, as well as talk more about how their newborn session will unfold. Planning opportunities like this are the best for talking through possibilities and making sure all the photographs are made that new parents may want. As well as bringing up options they haven’t even considered. Good stuff all around!

Pregnant mom holding her belly underneath. Her husband is sticking out his belly and pretending to be pregnant, too.
Pregnant couple goofing around making funny faces and laughing in a field for maternity photographs
Pregnant mom holding her big belly. Her husband standing behind her with his hand forming a heart on top of her belly for maternity photographs
Expecting parents standing in a field of tall grass holding hands and smiling for maternity photos
Pregnant couple holding each other and laughing in a field of tall grasses
Pregnant couple holding hands while walking during their maternity session in Cartersville
Pregnant couple holding hands and walking toward the camera smiling big
Husband wrapping his arms around his pregnant wife's neck and upper body. Pregnant mom is holding onto her husband's arm and smiling
Beautiful pregnant woman standing in a long dress and hands over her big belly for maternity photographs. Her husband is standing next to her looking into the distance with his hands in his pockets.
Pregnant couple kissing for maternity photographs in a Cartersville field
Laughing woman in a green dress and teal hair holding her husband's arm while he smiles
laughing couple holding each other close. The woman is wearing a green dess and nail polish with teal hair
Photograph of pregnant couple leaning on each other with arms intertwined. Their faces can not be seen

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