High School Senior Girl Photoshoot in Atlanta

Gabrielle will be graduating from high school in May 2023, although she isn’t really stepping foot in any high school this year. She isn’t your typical high school senior girl as she’s dual enrolled and attending Kennesaw State University this school year for earning both high school AND college credits. It’s a great way to get a head start on college while also missing out on what has become common high school drama.

Mom Is My Awesome Lighting Assistant For Seniors

I did her older brother’s high school senior photos a year ago, so her mom knew the drill. She’d be my awesome lighting assistant again to light her girl and make her look even more awesome! Before Gabrielle’s shoot, I went to their home and we spent close to an hour talking about her upcoming shoot. Where we’d go. What she’d wear.

The Pre-Consultation Planning Appointment Is So Important

The looks that she wanted to achieve were more on the high fashion and editorial side of photography. Whereas Gabrielle’s mom wanted a more traditional set of photographs and dress. Talking about this upfront made a big difference in planning so I’d bring different lenses, as well as thinking about camera angles when directing Gabrielle through posing. This is not uncommon for my seniors in wanting a completely differently look for their senior portraits than their parents. Pre-consultations are key for planning to ensure I set expectations appropriately for the time we have together and for making images that will make everyone happy.

High School Senior Girl Photos in Atlanta

Between gross weather (it was nasty and cold out) and feeling under the weather, we rescheduled Gabrielle’s shoot once and were so glad we did. We ended up with fabulous weather that was warm and sunny. And all of us felt our best, which always makes everything easier and better. We had firmed up our timeline and meet spot a couple days prior so our time together flowed easily. This made it easy to not waste time as we moved quickly between locations to make all the photographs that Gabrielle and her mom wanted in Piedmont Park, around the High Museum of Art, and at the Jackson Street Bridge at sunset.

Pretty teenage girl in white lacy dress smiling in Piedmont Park
Barefoot high school senior girl sitting on Piedmont Park steps smiling and playing with her hair
Smiling high school senior girl standing in Atlanta skyline at Piedmont Park while wearing a white lacy dress
Beautiful teenage girl with brown wavy hair and striking green eyes is smiling while looking at the camera
High school senior girl leaning against wire railings and smiling in a white lacy dress with the sun shining through trees behind her
Beautiful high school senior girl in black silk dress and heels holding onto a light post in front of the High Museum
Smiling teenage girl sitting tall on a brick wall and wearing a black silk dress
Pretty teenage girl in black silk dress and high heels leaning on a railing in front of the High Museum of Art
Pretty girl leaning against High Museum of Art building
Hazy misty photograph of high school senior girl smiling off to the side
Half face vertical photograph of a striking high school senior girl with green eyes
Gorgeous high school senior girl in black silk dress, high heels, and long wavy hair looking away from the camera
Pretty teenage girl in chunky red boots walking away from the camera while smiling over her shoulder
High school senior girl photos in Midtown Atlanta on a sidewalk under lit streetlights
High school girl in black skirt and top with chunky red boots walking down midtown Atlanta sidewalk
Atlanta high school senior girl on Jackson Street Bridge at sunset with out-of-focus Atlanta skyline behind her
High school senior girl being silly and blowing a kiss on the Jackson Street Bridge while playing with her hair at sunset as a car starts to drive in front of her

If it’s time to make high school senior photos in your family and you love Gabrielle’s images, I’d love for you to reach out and start a conversation. I love talking to people and hearing what images they dream of making and then seeing on their walls for years to come. It is this planning process that goes a long way in ensuring it is a great experience all around for you!

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