High School Senior Swim Photos | Woodstock

We did the first part of Harrison’s senior photos at Sope Creek. He’s also a cross training athlete who is on both the swim and tennis teams at Woodstock High School. Harrison had plenty of images of him on the tennis courts as I had photographed many matches. But he didn’t have any photographs from his high school senior swim year. So I got special permission from the Cherokee County Aquatic Center to come in and photograph Harrison doing his thing.

I love watching people do what they’re good at. What they enjoy. Seeing Harrison in his element and doing his thing was so much fun. Photographing it was even more fun as he pushed off the diving blocks and flew over the pool. Watching him pierce the water with very little splash and then fly through it to the other end was exciting. I had to move quickly along the side of the pool to get multiple shots of him.

If you have a high school senior swim team athlete and want photographs of him/her doing their thing, you should click here to start a conversation. Because you should have all the photographs of your high school senior doing what they love and not have it be an additional fee. Having my own high school senior in the house and another one coming, I know how easy of an experience I’d like it to be. And not just for me.

Senior swimming diving off the block and still floating over the water
Woodstock high school senior boy swimmer preparing to jump off the Cherokee County Aquatic Center diving block into the indoor pool
High school senior boy diving into the indoor Cherokee Aquatic Center pool
High school senior boy in swim cap and goggles coming up out of the pool with water dripping over his face
Woodstock high school senior boy swimmer sitting on diving block with his goggles pushed up over his swim cap

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