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What To Wear To Your Family Photography Session – Jewel Tones

By Kelley / October 20, 2016 /

When you are pulling together multiple people for one photography session, it’s important that nobody clashes. But that doesn’t mean everyone needs to be dressed identically. Every person is an individual. With their own unique personalities. Shouldn’t that be celebrated? In your photography session, we will celebrate each person with individual portraits. And how they…

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What To Wear To Your Family Photography Session – Mix It Up

By Kelley / October 13, 2016 /

Whether you’re all in solid colors, or throwing in some patterns, it’s good to mix it up. No one dresses in matching outfits on a daily basis, so why would you do that for family photographs? I’m not sure who started that trend, but it’s one that creates boredom fast. If everyone is in jeans…

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What To Wear For Your Newborn Photography Session – Keep It Simple

By Kelley / September 29, 2016 /

First. Keep it simple. Cottons. Soft fabrics. They seem like the necessary pairing with a newborn, whose skin is still so new and soft. You want to wrap your baby in soft fabrics. Your clothing should be equally soft, for when you raise your newborn up to your chest or shoulder for snuggles. The flip…

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