What To Wear To Your Family Photography Session – Mix It Up

Whether you’re all in solid colors, or throwing in some patterns, it’s good to mix it up.

No one dresses in matching outfits on a daily basis, so why would you do that for family photographs?

I’m not sure who started that trend, but it’s one that creates boredom fast.

If everyone is in jeans and a white shirt, you get tired of looking at the photograph pretty fast, right?

But it was sooooo IN for the 90s. And the 80s.

Thankfully, we’re not in the 80s or 90s anymore. And we can show off our individuality.

If everyone is wearing the same outfit, your eye stops wandering around the photograph. You get bored with it.

However, if everyone is wearing something different, your eye keeps moving around the image. You continue to look for differences. Our brains are just programmed that way to look for differences. And in that time we take to look for differences in outfits, we start finding we notice the little details.

The smile on your oldest daughter’s face is real and not full of the typical teenage snark you see when you pull out your own camera and ask for the obligatory, “Cheese!”

Your youngest son is still the performer and showing off.

And in another ten or twenty years, you’re going to look at this photograph and think, “Gosh, I looked fantastic! And young!” Because you do look fantastic and young right now. You just may be a little too close to see it because those greys or laugh lines are sneaking up on you and it’s still a new change.

The other bonus to looking at a photograph longer while you look for the differences is that it embeds itself into your heart so much more strongly. You love it more because you’re spending more time looking at the people you love the most in this world.

So if you’re going to take the time to schedule family photographs, go through the hour of fun and posing, and then purchase photographs….don’t you want them to be photographs you love and see on a daily basis for the rest of your life?

Stay true to yourselves. Show your individuality. And mix it up.

Your unity as a family will come through in your interactions and expressions.

I promise.

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