What To Wear For Your Newborn Photography Session – Keep It Simple

First. Keep it simple.

Cottons. Soft fabrics. They seem like the necessary pairing with a newborn, whose skin is still so new and soft.

You want to wrap your baby in soft fabrics. Your clothing should be equally soft, for when you raise your newborn up to your chest or shoulder for snuggles.

The flip side of keeping it simple is to think about how the focus will be kept on this new arrival.

If you plan on dressing your baby in fun, sweet patterns (or wrapping her in a snuggly blanket with cute animals printed all over), then she will stand out even more if you and your partner are both wearing solid colors. And to make sure there is a bit of separation in knowing where one parent begins and the other ends, try wearing two different colors. They can absolutely be complementary to each other or different shades. But different colors are great for creating more interesting images AND identifying each person even if faces aren’t completely in the frame.