What To Wear To Your Family Photography Session – Jewel Tones

When you are pulling together multiple people for one photography session, it’s important that nobody clashes.

But that doesn’t mean everyone needs to be dressed identically.

Every person is an individual. With their own unique personalities.

Shouldn’t that be celebrated?

In your photography session, we will celebrate each person with individual portraits.

And how they fit into the family with group portraits.

We will make photographs of you having fun and interacting, as well as images where everyone is making eye contact with the camera.

You can help the photographs be even more amazing by carefully choosing what you wear.

Choosing clothes that make you look and feel good is always a good choice.

Bold, jewel tones look awesome on every skin tone.

Mixing solids with patterns and coordinated colors is a fast path to success.

Not just because they look great, it keeps your eye moving around the photograph.

And wouldn’t you rather have photographs that hold your interest over the years, rather than getting bored with seeing everyone wearing the same outfit?.

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