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African American couple embracing and about to kiss in front of grafitti wall

Five Year Wedding Anniversary Photos – Korresha + Frank

By Kelley / March 29, 2022 /

Korresha + Frank celebrate their 5 year anniversary dressed up gala style in Piedmont Park in downtown Atlanta and in street clothes by the Jackson Street Bridge.

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Goodbye, Martin

By Kelley / November 27, 2021 /

Since 7th grade, you’ve called me yours. You adopted me as your own and told everyone I was your daughter. When I’d talk about you to others, I’d say you were one of my two dads. You were my bonus dad and one of my biggest supporters. You were my family. You’ve been at all…

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Husband and wife standing smiling in front of City Springs building with blue sky and clouds

Five Year Wedding Anniversary Photos – Abbye + Art

By Kelley / July 22, 2021 /

I love when couples from my past reach out and ask for updated photographs. And then I sit in shock as they remind me it’s been five years since I made their engagement images. How does that even happen? It doesn’t seem like five years. It’s cool to catch up. To realize they remember the…

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Gorgeous bride + groom kissing in front of Royal Crest Room red phone book

Royal Crest Room Wedding – Atlanta Destination Wedding Photographer – Ana + Emanuel

By Kelley / September 10, 2019 /

Just outside of Orlando in St. Cloud, Florida is a gorgeous country club called the Royal Crest Room. And it was the perfect location for the start of Ana + Emanuel’s marriage. Surrounded by their parents, grandmas, extended family, and closest friends. How special that Emanuel’s Dad married Ana + Emanuel. In English, Portuguese, and…

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Gen X bride and groom laughing and hugging

Michele + Tom – Married at Embry Riddle Chapel in Prescott Valley, AZ

By Kelley / August 26, 2019 /

My wedding couples are all so different. And perhaps that is because I photograph people who value other people. So they don’t fit into a box of qualifications, Rothy’s shoes, and snapchat filters to make them look alike. But when I tell you this one was different than all the others, it was because I’ve…

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Grandma's hand is straightening out newborn's LEGACY onesie while being held by Dad in LEGEND t-shirt

Benjamin’s Legacy Lifestyle Newborn Photography Session

By Kelley / August 19, 2019 /

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about our purpose. Why are we here? What is the ultimate goal? I’m a parent. Raising two teenagers. Whom I want to grow up to be kind and decent human beings. Who make a difference (for the good) in their communities. Who love others. And who know they are…

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Engaged couple wearing sunglasses and hugging inside Atlanta Botanical Garden

Tori + John’s Engagement Session in Midtown Atlanta

By Kelley / August 5, 2019 /

There’s an old saying that opposites attract. You know it, right? A bit overused, but it hangs around because there is truth in it. These two aren’t exactly opposites. They’re careful with their words. They’re intentional in their actions. How they spend their personal time. How they help others. Yet there is this balance. A…

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Seyden family in front of Canton courthouse

Downtown Canton with the Seyden family

By Kelley / July 29, 2019 /

I think that network television and netflix series with families have created a common perception that sarcasm and bickering live within most homes. So every time I’m with a family that is loving, kind, and truly enjoys being with each other…it feels rather remarkable. Spending an evening with the Seyden family was exceptional. While their…

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Two grooms standing close and smiling in front of Delta jets at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson airport

David + Jimmy’s Wedding at the Renaissance Concourse Hotel

By Kelley / July 22, 2019 /

There is always a different level of excitement on wedding days that is felt in the air and seen in the smiles of people met throughout the day. But this was amped up even moreso as it was the first gay wedding in the Renaissance Concourse in Atlanta. And all of the employees knew it.…

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