Rocky’s Lake Estate Wedding – Ashley + Ryan

Spring can be crazy in the south. The start of March brought a heart attack and ICU stay for Ashley’s dad, which had everyone worried about him being at the wedding. He was released from the hospital the day before the wedding. Just in time for back-to-back tornado watches and warnings throughout Cherokee County. Once the storms passed, I was texting Ashley. “This time tomorrow, you’ll be married and it’s supposed to be gorgeous weather for your Rocky’s Lake Estate wedding day!”

And it was indeed a gorgeous spring day for Ashley and Ryan to get married at Rocky’s Lake Estate. There was no rain in sight. It wasn’t too hot. Or cold. The sky was clear. And everyone was mostly healthy. At least enough to attend the start of their marriage and celebrate throughout the afternoon.

Rocky’s Lake Estate has lovely getting ready rooms for the bride and groom in separate locations on the outskirts of their property. Their staff are friendly as they transport you on golf carts between locations. I had the pleasure of working again with Lou Guzzo from Spectrum Entertainment. He is excellent at gauging wedding guests and playing music that gets everyone on the dance floor.

On this wedding day, I found myself tearing up more than most. Especially when I would see Ashley’s dad watching her (and really, just watching his whole family and collection of friends) as I could feel gratitude emanating from him. I was happy for all of them to be together while they celebrated the start of Ashley and Ryan’s marriage in their Rocky’s Lake Estate wedding.

Mid day view of Rocky's Lake Estate pond, gazebo, and fountain in Woodstock, GA
Father of the bride reacting to seeing his daughter dressed on her wedding day
Father of the bride showing his bruised hand from ICU while his daughter looks on thankful he's there
Bride in Louboutin shoes hanging out with her niece before her wedding at Rocky's Lake Estate in Woodstock, GA
Groom ready to walk to the altar at Rocky's Lake Estate
Welcome to our beginning sign at Rocky's Lake Estate
Sweet flower girl walking down the wedding aisle holding her dad's hand at Rocky's Lake Estate
Glimpse through the crowd of guests off the father walking his daughter bride
Groom smiling while watching his bride walk down the aisle at Rocky's Lake Estate while his groomsman leans in for a better look
Bride with a long veil sliding a wedding band on her groom's finger
Bride leaning back and breathing a big sigh of relief when pronounced married at Rocky's Lake Estate wedding
Bride laughing and holding her groom's hand as they walk back down the aisle together
Black and white image of groom pulling his bride close and whispering in her ear
Bride and groom smiling at the camera after their Rocky's Lake Estate wedding ceremony
Bride and groom about to kiss on Rocky's Lake Estate foot bridge
Black and white photo of bride and groom laughing while he has his hand around her back
Bride and groom laughing during their first dance
Bride laughing while her groom sings to her during their first dance
Three layer wedding cake with white roses wrapped around it and twinkle lights in the background
Bride making a face as she cuts the cake with her groom
Bride and groom working together to cut their first slice of cake
Father of the bride smiling while holding the microphone and toasting his daughter
Guests smiling while listening to toasts
Rocky's Lake Estate wedding day timeline graphic in a frame
Cute flower girl sitting in middle of dance floor as others walk by
Brother of the bride giving a toast
Bride and groom raising their glasses
Another brother of the bride giving a toast and smiling
Bride's niece blowing out candles on a little birthday cake
Father of the bride twirling his daughter during their father daughter dance at Rocky's Lake Estate
Bride and her dad laughing while they dance and spin
Father hugging his daughter close at the end of their dance on her wedding day
Mom wiping her son's tears before their Mother Son dance
Groom spinning his mom during their dance at his wedding
Lou Guzzo behind Spectrum Entertainment DJ set up at Rocky's Lake Estate wedding reception
Mother of the bride holding her grand daughters' hands and smiling at wedding reception
Black and white photo of bride holding her groom's hand and showing off their wedding bands
Woman doing the splits and smiling on a wedding reception dance floor
Groomsman dancing with a Bud Light can in hand
Wedding guests singing on the dance floor while dancing
Bride dancing and singing on the dance floor
Wedding guests smiling and holding lit sparklers during a daytime wedding reception
Black and white photo of wedding guests yelling and holding sparklers
Bride and groom exiting Rocky's Lake Estate and are blinded by the bright sun
Black and white photo of bride and groom kissing at Rocky's Lake Estate wedding

Ashley + Ryan, I’m so happy I got to photograph your family together in November at Rope Mill Park. And even more thrilled I could document the start of your marriage at Rocky’s Lake Estate. I’m so glad your parents and siblings could be there to celebrate with you!

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