Professional Headshots in Canton, GA – Chris P

Whether your company is wanting a professional headshot of you or you’re ready to move up the corporate ladder and want to look the part, updating your headshot should be an easy process from start to finish.

I love working with folks to decide on what clothing and accessories will look the best in the final images, as well as talking you through how to sit, stand, and control your face. Because unless you’re looking into the mirror or your cell phone on selfie mode, you don’t necessarily know what your eyebrows and mouth are doing. Or if you need to squint one eye a little because the bigger one bothers you (it’s ok. most people have one eye that’s a little larger).

I’m here for you. To help you look your best, feel comfortable in front of the camera, and to create headshot images you’ll be proud to use to represent yourself professionally.

Professional headshot and branding shot of a man standing in dark suit with a red tie adjusting his sleeve

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