Professional Headshots in a Canton Studio

For many years, I traveled to clients to update their headshots in their office spaces. And I still do that. But I love having my own studio space as it opens up more options for my clients like Serge. He wanted to update his professional headshots in a Canton studio.

Planning a Professional Headshots Session

Serge and I talked on the phone a bit, as well as exchanged texts and emails. It was a simple process planning his headshot session in my Canton studio. I have multiple backdrops available ranging from standard solid colors to a more informal pallet wall. With my lighting all set up and easy to move around in my studio, it makes for a quicker session. All Serge had to do was show up and stand right where I asked him to stand. He did great!

Being Photographed Is Easier Than You Think

Spoiler alert. This is easy. I’ve been in business and photographing people for over ten years. And even though most people like being photographed as much as going to the dentist, I still stand by my original statement. This is easy. It’s not just business for me. It’s making connections, putting people at ease, and typically getting to the two most important topics we can discuss. Do you have dogs? And what is your favorite place to eat?

I’ve found spending time talking about unrelated headshot things helps takes the pressure off. No one wants to feel like they’re under a magnifying glass. Or like you don’t know what to do in front of the camera. Which is where I come in. I talk you through how to stand and move. I show you what to do so you can mirror me. All while helping you look your best to create updated professional headshots in a Canton studio that you’ll be proud to use.

We’ll make a variety of images for you to choose from before making any purchasing decisions. You can wear multiple outfits. Use different backdrops. You can even get back in front of the camera if you want to make any adjustments for the final images. All of this allows you to have a wide variety choices from serious to laughing and formal to informal. And all of this is done in typically less than an hour, so no big chunks out of your day.

Professional headshot of a man looking serious but pleasant in a black suit

Do You Offer Re-Touching with Professional Headshots?

Yes. I do offer re-touching. And I do the edits while you’re waiting and catching up on emails or facebook. I want you to see the re-touching before you pay and go so you know exactly what you’re getting before you leave my studio. It’s important to me there are no surprises in what you receive. And to know that you’re more than happy with the final results.

Smiling man in a dress shirt standing in front of a pallet wall with light shining through the cracks during professional headshots in a Canton studio

Do You Need Updated Professional Headshots in a Canton studio?

I’m conveniently located in Canton one exit north of the Woodstock outlets and close to Bridgemill where many of my clients live. If you’re looking for updated professional headshots in a Canton studio, I’d love for you to reach out here. I’ll make it easy. I promise.

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