Fine Art Pieces For Your Walls

I am so excited about finally being able to offer people the opportunity to purchase photographs from my travels out west to display in your own home as fine art pieces for your walls. When I first returned from Arizona in 2019, I immediately ordered multiple fine art metals of my night images at the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park. I see these images every day and love them so much.

These Fine Art Pieces Are Pretty Magnificent

Whenever I have company, people always comment on them as they’re some of the first images on walls people see when walking into my home. I admit, they are incredibly cool. Not just the metals, but seeing the Grand Canyon and Zion lit by only the moon and stars. It’s pretty magnificent. I hope everyone has the chance at some point in their lives to see the Grand Canyon. Especially at sunrise, sunset, and after the stars come out. The magnitude of this beauty is difficult to adequately describe.

Working Hard to Build This Shop For You

So I have spent twenty two hours in the last forty working on building this new web page and this Square shop selling fine art pieces for your walls. It seems like it should be a simple process. But what I have found over the years when I think anything new is simple, I am completely off base in my assumption. And this was no different. There are so many options and toggles and intricate ways to connect items and categories and options and modifiers that while somewhat intuitive, it is nothing close to quick.

Got Suggestions? I Want To Hear Them!

If you see any issues with either the page or the shop, I’d love for you to tell me as I absolutely want this to be a fun and easy process to purchase images you’ll LOVE! And as a special bonus for the first ten good folks who make a purchase, you can use code first10twenty5off to receive 25% off your order. And yes, that includes an additional 25% off collections which are already discounted. As well as two fine art images already marked on sale.

Fine art pieces of the Grand Canyon between sunrise to sunset for your walls sized in a striking 1:2 dimension
Living room wall decorated with six 24x36 fine art pieces with night photographs of the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park

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