Professional Headshot of Trent Trees in Kennesaw

Most small business owners know that part of the secret to the success of their business is branding, building relationships + trust, and exceeding client expectations to keep folks coming back repeatedly AND raving.

As Americans, our culture is a little different than others. Relationships are big for us. If we don’t know a person, it’s hard to like them. And if we don’t like them, then we likely won’t do business with them.

Part of branding for small businesses is building trust on who the owners and employees are with whom you’ll be dealing. Branding and building trust starts with showing off who those people are.

Do they look approachable? Trustworthy? Friendly? Competent?

Do they look professional or are they using a cell phone selfie to represent their business?

Seeing a professional headshot used to represent business owners is a solid first step for building trust. For showing the owner is a competent business owner who cares about image and service. It’s not a hobby. It’s not a side hustle. It’s a business. As such, you should expect to be treated professionally.

Trent Trees with Painting by Trees updated his headshot recently with Pear Tree Photography Atlanta. His company has been in business for over two decades, delighting residential and commercial clients with interior and exterior painting.

If you’re ready to update your headshot and create the professional appearance your company needs to build trust with your client base, contact Kelley at Pear Tree Photography Atlanta to start that conversation.

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