Headshots for Joe in Canton at the Oak House

Joe contacted me about headshots that he could use on his company website with Apartment Life, in marketing, social media, and LinkedIn. I told him, “No problem!”

He routinely works from the Oak House in Canton and asked if I could set up there. Although I brought my white backdrop, I didn’t need it because one of the conference rooms had plenty of white wall space. Set up of my lights was quick and easy and I explained what each one accomplished while I was putting them together.

We talked about the mountain biking trails in Canton, our kids, and how we got into what we do for a living. In between topics, I would ask Joe to turn in a different direction and how to stand in front of the camera for the most flattering angles.

I loaded images onto my computer and he quickly chose his favorite.

Then I heard the magic words.

“That was easy!”

Yes! I love hearing that. Because that’s how it should be when you update your headshot.

It should be easy, non-stressful, and even enjoyable.

Every time.

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