Professional Headshot in Canton for Dawn

So many clients tell me they don’t like how they look in photographs.

In fact, this is the most common thing I hear when people call me about headshots. They reiterate it again once we get together.

I admit, it makes me a bit sad to hear this. Because shouldn’t we all have photographs of ourselves that we’re proud to use and represent ourselves professionally?

But on the flip side, I’m thinking…”Challenge accepted.”

Because every time I hear this, the situation morphs into a partnership. How can I help you emphasize what you DO like and minimize what you DON’T? And then let’s make that happen.

There’s really no sorcery involved. Just a little twisting this way. Perhaps a little leaning towards me. I might ask you to hold a pretend sandwich, but it does good things to shoulders and biceps.

I’ll load the images on my computer for us to look at together and talk through. And that may spark another conversation about what you do and don’t like. You may or may not stand back in front of the camera and lights, but suddenly it’s not intimidating. You have a full understanding of what you need to do under my guidance and together, we’ll knock it out.

You’ll be a part of the re-touching process because who doesn’t want that Goldilocks opportunity to say what is just right over not enough or too much? And then we’ll be done. You’ll pay for the images you know you’re proud to use. I’ll pack up my studio and email you the files all clearly labeled for their various purposes from print to LinkedIn.

And you’ll find yourself saying, “Wow. That was easy. And I actually, really like these photographs of myself!”

Because that happens every time.

If you think you’re the exception, then please know there’s no purchase requirement. It’s my job to create a headshot of yourself that you’ll be more than proud to use.

p.s. if you want to talk about updating your headshot, you can contact me here.

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