Canton Professional Headshots – Kenneth

I’m always thrilled when one googles Canton professional headshots and reaches out to me. I enjoy the upfront conversations on the phone. And then find the people are fabulous humans in person who make my workdays even more enjoyable. It was no different with Kenneth. He showed up at my studio with a firm handshake and a solid smile.

What we talk about during a headshot session

Throughout his headshot session, we chatted about our travels. Where we’ve lived. Favorite foods and the best restaurants around town. Religion and what pulls us in. As well as what doesn’t. What it’s like having two homes and going between the city and a little bit of country to enjoy them both. How the successes of his sale career have propelled him forward to expanding his online empire and pursuing a career in acting.

We talked about what kind of acting he’d like to do, which helped me in coaching him through how to stand in front of and interact with the camera. He wanted more “Guy Next Door” and less “Hard Ass Attorney Who Never Smiles”. But with a little serious thrown in, just to have that range in his back pocket.

What to expect during your Canton professional headshots

So here’s your warning if you google Canton professional headshots and reach out to me. You should know it won’t be boring. Our time together will fly. There will be discussion over what you’re wanting to achieve with your headshot and how you want to use it. Which makes it easier for me to coach you through how to pose and move your facial features so you look confident and approachable. And there are no limits to our conversation.

Except maybe the weather. We’re all above small talk, don’t you think? Please say yes. I want us both to have a good time in the process of creating the professional headshots you nee.

Gif of two Canton professional headshots of an African American  man in a pink tshirt changing from serious to smiling

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