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It was at the end of Abbye and Art’s five year anniversary photo session that they talked about trying for a baby. That life was calming down post wedding and careers felt more solid. They owned their own home. Then at their ordering appointment two weeks later, Abbye shared they were expecting and would want newborn photographs. But no one imagined this sweet boy would arrive early. Making it majorly delayed newborn photographs in their home after a stay in the NICU.

When to do newborn photographs

While it’s ideal to do newborn photographs in the first 7 to 10 days after these babies are born, it doesn’t always work out that way. And that’s fine. Sometimes these kiddos are born early or with challenges that need more medical attention than parents can give at home. Or life happens and sleep deprivation is worse than you’d imagine. Days become weeks. Which is fine, it happens. Parenthood can be all about survival. In many stages, from newborns to toddlerhood to tweens to teens and beyond.

It’s okay to have delayed newborn photographs. Life happens.

So whether you’re in the seven to ten day range or beyond, I’m happy making delayed newborn photographs if that’s where you are when you reach out. Because I’m all about documenting the expansion of love in your family when you bring the new baby home. And not about morphing anyone into crazy poses that are super cute, but not necessarily the most normal or easy to achieve. A newborn is a gift. And this one was wrapped in a super sweet blue bow.

Open bedroom door with baby's name hanging on a handmade sign. Northside Hospital stork sign hanging below it.
New parents holding their newborn son and looking in mirror smiling while standing in the nursery
Newborn baby being held by his dad with one eye wide open
Mom sitting in nursery chair holding her newborn baby boy while dad leans over the two of them
Family pointer dog pouncing on the floor and photobombing the newborn session
Maggie isn’t above a good photobomb!
Happy parents holding their newborn baby boy and cooing over him
Black and white photograph of mom holding newborn son sucking his pacifier. Dad is letting this son hold onto his index finger
Dad is pulling mom's hair back from her face so he can see their son in her arms for delayed newborn photographs
Mom holding newborn baby boy and smiling big while dad leans in
Baby boy being held close by his parents and starting to smile
New parents sitting on a four poster bed holding their newborn son. One of the pillows on the bed has the baby's initials embroidered on it
Dad is letting his son hold his finger. Mom is holding the baby while he yawns big during newborn photographs.
Mom is holding newborn son close while he smiles and looks content
New mom is laughing while holding her sleeping newborn baby boy with his hand on his cheek
New parents sitting on the master bed with the family dog and their newborn baby boy
Parents with newborn son and family dog sitting on the master bed looking happily at the camera
Mom sitting in chair smiling and looking up at dad while holding their newborn son wrapped in a blue bow
Small table in a nursery with a pacifier, bottle, gold rabbit, hairbrush, vase with roses, and a Hog's Breath Cocktails plastic cup
Survival methods for baby AND parents, it seems.
Baby boy with outtie belly button laying on a changing table with his arms reaching out for delayed newborn photographs
Dad kissing his baby boy's forehead
Dad holding his baby boy wearing a baseball onesie
Dad is a big Braves fan, so of course this boy needs to be dressed for baseball.

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