Woodstock High School Senior Photography Session | Kylee

Graduating from high school is always an exciting time. But it seems even moreso for our seniors moving through surviving the pandemic. They are ready for a break from what has become the new norm of learning. More time spent in the virtual learning environment than a physical classroom. Which made me extra happy to split up Kylee’s Woodstock High School senior photography session onto two separate days and locations.

My senior sessions vary for who comes along. Sometimes, it is just my high school senior and then I bring my own lighting assistant. Other times, they have one parent and they become my lighting assistant. And then there are sessions like Kylee’s where both parents come, a grandpa joins us, and she brought her bestie for the first shoot. So multiple people got to be my lighting assistant to light Kylee. This makes it more fun for everyone taking part in such a special time AND to help her look her best in her senior photographs. There were constant conversations going on with laughter throughout as we all joked and had fun together.

Kylee knew she wanted to make photographs in a field of wildflowers and wear her white dress for the first session. But planning the second segment took more time as we discussed different locations and feels. She ultimately decided on going to Sope Creek in East Cobb. There are winding bike trails from the parking lot down to the creek and old paper mill ruins. I love when my Woodstock high school senior photography sessions get split up into multiple locations that extend beyond Cherokee County!

Smiling teenage girl in a white dress with the sun shining on her hair
Happy high school senior girl sitting in tall grass hugging her knee and wearing a simple ruby red necklace
Woodstock high school senior girl fanning out her white dress and twirling in a field of wild flowers
Laughing high school senior girl with hands on her hips wearing a white dress
Thoughtful and pretty high school senior girl standing in white wildflowers in front of a dramatic sunset
Smiling high school senior wearing black jeans, Converse, and a red tank top while sitting in old paper mill ruins and hugging her knee
Laughing teenage girl sitting on top of an old stone building
Gorgeous high school senior girl sitting in her black jeans and Converse with the river rushing around her on the shoals
Black and white photograph of high school senior girl sitting in Sope Creek Paper Mill ruins old door opening and smiling
Smiling senior girl with her hand in her jeans pocket and a river behind her

Thanks for a super fun time, Kylee! I enjoyed you and your entourage during both parts of your Woodstock high school senior photography session. You picked great locations and they were definitely worth the drive.

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