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So Long, My Favorite Father-In-Law

By Kelley / May 6, 2019 /

From the first time I met Dave, I knew he was a trouble maker. He had a sly way of joking and a dry sense of humor that required you to be able to see his face in order to know if he was teasing or being serious. Using an Otis Redding quote from Shawshank,…

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Do You Feel Naked In Front Of The Camera – Part 2

By Kelley / January 14, 2019 /

Since I published this post last year, I’ve been routinely asked if I would do another. It wasn’t in my head until people asked. So I’ve thought about it a lot over this past year. How do I replicate a previous post? Or if not replicate, how do I create a follow up that is in the…

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Goodbye 2018. Hello 2019.

By Kelley / December 31, 2018 / Comments Off on Goodbye 2018. Hello 2019.

Standing here on the last day of 2018, I am reflecting on this past year. What I have accomplished. The friendships nurtured. The people I’ve met. And adored. The places I’ve traveled. A lot has happened. So much of which makes me grateful. I hope you have found this past year fulfilling. Productive. Meaningful. Valuable.…

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How Some Stories End

By Kelley / June 29, 2018 /

Words have been swirling in my head for days. But they’ve been in the making for years. Her story began in Sioux City, Iowa where she was born. It continued in Minnesota where she married and started a family. It continued in Rochester, where she worked for years for Mayo Clinic. Where she walked countless…

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Do You Feel Naked In Front Of The Camera?

By Kelley / January 29, 2018 /

I hate being in front of the camera. That’s probably the phrase I hear more than any other from people when I tell them I’m a photographer. Or when they hire me to photograph them. I don’t like how I look in photographs. That’s the second most common phrase. I feel so vulnerable. I feel naked.…

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Professional Headshots In Canton, GA – Kelley Wenzel With Pear Tree Photography Atlanta

By Kelley / April 26, 2017 /

There is a reason why I choose to hold the camera. I don’t like being in front of it. I was reminded of this last week. I thought I was calm and collected as I waited for Moshe Zusman to make my headshot. But when I stepped in front of his camera, a shot of the nerves…

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Family Vacation To Destin Florida – Part 2

By Kelley / June 15, 2015 /

There were many things to do in Destin. Parasailing. Water parks. Jet ski rentals. Fishing expeditions. Zip lining. The typical tourist attractions. We chose to go on a two hour sunset dolphin cruise through AJ’s Water Adventures. I think that was the best money we spent all week. The three guys who captained the cruise and…

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Family Vacation To Destin Florida – Part 1

By Kelley / June 15, 2015 /

Most of our vacations are spent with extended family. It is rare for the four of us to get away or spend time together without work/school for an entire week. A weekend here and there….yes. Eight days away….never. But a family member gifted us a week in a fabulous condo on the Destin harbor just…

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Happy Mother’s Day!

By Kelley / May 10, 2015 /

Happy Mother’s Day! To the moms who are celebrated and appreciated today. And to the ones who feel undervalued. To the ones who love this day and the ones who loathe Hallmark holidays. To the ones who stay up all night with sick little ones and the ones who worry all night if you’re making…

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