Family Vacation To Destin Florida – Part 2

There were many things to do in Destin. Parasailing. Water parks. Jet ski rentals. Fishing expeditions. Zip lining. The typical tourist attractions. We chose to go on a two hour sunset dolphin cruise through AJ’s Water Adventures. I think that was the best money we spent all week. The three guys who captained the cruise and took care of us were friendly and fun.

They showed us around the Destin harbor and pointed out the homes of celebrities, as well as some of the best places to eat. We found out then that Bette Midler’s home was just a handful of houses down the block from our condo. I grew up listening to her sing, so that was pretty neat. We saw plenty of dolphins and cruised out into the gulf briefly, before returning to the harbor to drive fast and see the sunset.

They also let all of the kids on the cruise take turns captaining the boat. My girl child loved doing that! I would share the images of her driving, but there are just too many other children in them and I didn’t ask parents for releases. Because I was on vacation and not working…so those will remain private. My boy child didn’t drive the boat. Because twelve is apparently not a child and too grown up for children’s games.

The sky was pretty gorgeous as the sun was setting. It was fun seeing a sailboat out on the water, too.

As we circled back into the harbor, they cranked the party music and drove slower past the other businesses along the edge of the water. It was such a fun atmosphere they created. The hands-in-the-air dancing image up top was taken just before we docked. Once back on land, we put our names on the wait list at their restaurant right on the dock. The lights for the zipline tower in Harborwalk Village changed colors and were fun to watch.

The next day brought about a surprise meet up with Georgia friends who happened to be thirty minutes down the shore from us. Our kids spent the day playing in the waves and building sand castles on the beach. We walked back to our condo together, ordered pizzas, played games, put on a movie, and waited for sunset. Such beautiful pinks shot out through the clouds. We had a phenomenal view from our balcony, don’t you think?

Every Thursday evening, the city of Destin lights fireworks in the Harborwalk Village Marina. We could see it from our balcony, but walked down to the boardwalk to watch so the kids could burn off more energy playing tag in the grass. I didn’t bring my tripod and practiced being super still for three second exposures to capture the fireworks.

Saturday morning came too soon. I walked the beach one last time and sat on the beach with my girl child, just soaking in the sound of the waves hitting the shore. I love the consistency and rhythm of the waves crashing and then inching up towards my feet. The quiet, yet constant repetition is so soothing. As I sat and listened, I contemplated how far the water had traveled. Did it grace the feet on a beach in Africa. Did it bring them the same level of peace. Or the shores of India. It made me wonder about how universal my problems are and if these same waves brought solace to another parent on the opposite side of our world who seeks to raise kind souls. As we drove across the 293 bridge back towards the interstate, we saw dozens of paddleboarders arcing around Choctawhatchee Bay. Look close, because they’re small as ants off in the distance. It seemed like a fitting send off as we began our long journey home.

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