Professional Headshots In Canton, GA – Kelley Wenzel With Pear Tree Photography Atlanta

There is a reason why I choose to hold the camera. I don’t like being in front of it.

I was reminded of this last week. I thought I was calm and collected as I waited for Moshe Zusman to make my headshot. But when I stepped in front of his camera, a shot of the nerves kicked in. I was looking for the exits. I couldn’t stand in place without losing my balance. My palms started sweating and my mouth started doing weird, twitchy things. Seriously, I was fear personified and that’s the last thing anyone wants exposed in a headshot.

I don’t know if being a bit of a fan girl of Moshe’s made things worse, but this is my typical fight or flight response that goes into action when I’m the one who has hired another photographer to make images of myself or my family. My heart rate is rising as I type this. It’s not a good feeling and is why I work hard to put others at ease in front of my camera. We’re in this together to make great images that you can use to represent yourself (or your business) online.

Professionally. Confidently.

It didn’t take long for Moshe to put me at ease. We went through a round of headshots and then I viewed them on his ipad. I wasn’t happy with some because there was still too much action in my neck that I didn’t care for and I asked if we could try again. There was no shaming, just enthusiasm to get me back in front of the camera. Once I shared with him what I didn’t like, Moshe was able to adjust my posing and help me stretch out that extra skin under my chin. He was able to help me do what I couldn’t see. And I was so thankful that he let me jump back in front of his lens.

Now I have a current headshot that represents me just as I am. Not with a haircut from five years ago.
There are more lines around my eyes and I’m okay with that. I’ve earned them.

If you’re still sporting a headshot that was made five years ago, reach out to me and let’s talk. You can click here to start the conversation.
And if you’re not okay with the lines around your eyes, I have a little kindness I can sprinkle on them so they’re not as noticeable.