Spring Break Tennis Tournaments With Young Harris College

On Sunday afternoon, I hopped a bus with the Young Harris College men’s tennis team and drove ten hours south to Orlando. The team mainly slept or watched movies on their laptops. There were several games of Mafia played out that were fun to watch after two mafia men, one cop, and one doctor were secretly chosen. They had to figure out who was who while the two mafia guys lied through their teeth to convince the towns people they weren’t the bad guys. The towns people were able to win only once, while the mafia won multiple rounds.

Monday was a day of relaxation. In the evening, both teams met up at Downtown Disney.

The area is under quite a bit of construction right now, so we walked several blocks from where we parked just to get to this shopping district.

Like most Disney attractions, this place was packed. Even late at night.

Tuesday afternoon, we drove an hour south to Webber International University to play the Gyrenes from Ave Maria University in south Florida. Temperatures were in the mid 80s and continued to climb up to the 90s while these tennis athletes were on the courts.

There were six matches simultaneously in progress between doubles and singles. I was constantly walking from one to the next to find the best light and angles while photographing these athletes in action. I’m glad there will be three more days of tournaments to see these men and women play their hearts out on the tennis courts of Florida universities.

Congratulations to Cole Cates for his first college tennis win! Cole is on the far left in the image below.

Guys! Thanks for indulging me and letting me make a photograph of your reflection!

In a few hours, we will be back on the road for a 45 minute drive west to play Florida Southern in Lakeland, FL.