Jenna And Roberts Atlanta Engagement Session Starting At The Fox Theatre

On the afternoon of New Year’s Eve, I drove downtown to meet Jenna and Robert in front of the Fox Theatre. Traffic wasn’t bad and the streets were fairly clear as the New Year’s celebrations wouldn’t be kicking off for several more hours. For the last day of 2014, the weather was pretty dang gorgeous.

We started in front of the Fox Theatre and walked a few circles around the surrounding city blocks. As we were walking and talking, I would ask them to stop and just relax. The background would be fun or the light would be stunningly beautiful. And they would smooch and ignore me. I love working with people who are so in love with each other that the world just disappears.

Robert is a United States Marine (because they’re the best, of course!) and Jenna is an 8th grade science teacher. He proposed to her the day before Thanksgiving at the Aria restaurant before they went to the Fox Theatre.

When Robert first reached out to me about this engagement session, I was so excited. I love folks who serve our country and are in the military. And a teacher, too? These two do what I can’t. And I’m so incredibly grateful.

If it weren’t for online dating, these two would have never met. They lived on completely different sides of the city. But technology brought them together. And watching the way these two would look at each other and hold hands was the sweetest. Robert says Jenna has a heart of gold. It is so evident he loves her with all of his heart in the way he talks about Jenna and interacts with her.

Robert and Jenna? I had a fabulous time with you on New Year’s Eve day making your engagement photographs. I know your wedding will be absolutely wonderful at the Fritz Farm. I wish I could be there to photograph it and see just how incredibly happy you two will be as you hold hands and exchange vows.

Jenna, thank you for wrangling a bunch of middle schoolers every day to give them a solid education. I know shaping our youth isn’t an easy task. Robert, thank you for your service to our country. I am overwhelmingly appreciative of what you both do for our country and community. Thank you!