Magnolia Thomas Hall Bat Mitzvah Celebration In Woodstock, GA – Marla

Marla’s Bat Mitzvah at the Temple Beth Tikvah in Roswell, GA was incredible. I was so in awe of all of the Hebrew she learned and understood. Not just in the alphabetic form of reading and memorization, but also in being able to read the ancient Hebrew characters. It was a fun morning to see my young friend stand before a full synagogue of friends, family, and strangers and speak confidently. At length. I’m so proud of her.

Then the evening celebration came and my young friend was nowhere to be found. I suppose when you’re a new thirteen, having a ton of attention on you for an entire morning is enough. So the celebration thrown in the evening will become more overrun by the ten year olds. At the Robot photo booth.

On the stairs with Nintendo DSs.

On the covered front porch as new dance routines are choreographed.

And tweaked under a pavilion.

And then performed for the masses inside the hall.

So much happiness and laughter at these wonderful celebrations!

A round of Cups broke out on the dance floor.

By the time ten o’clock hit, there were just a few dedicated ten year olds left to shut down the dance floor.

And once all the lights and cameras were packed up, my young friend came out of the shadows and gave me a hug.

Congratulations on this wonderful achievement, Marla. I’m so very proud of you.

If you’re interested in fabulous DJ services with the perfect uplighting you see in that very top photograph, you should reach out to The Celebration Crew. Tim and Jared were friendly, professional, and fun. They made sure EVERYONE had a great time!