Professional Headshots In Woodstock, GA – Candace Schilling!

This Wednesday is kicking off a weekly summer series on professional headshots I’m making in and around the Atlanta area. Enjoy!

It’s not often that someone reaches out and in the first email, tells me that story is important. But Candace Schilling did. It made me wonder, why was story important to her. She had many questions to ask about how I create headshots, where we could make them together, rights to files, turnaround time, and more. Which was great. I love when clients ask questions!

We were fortunate to catch a break in between rain storms and had beautiful light on the morning we met up, without any showers. At least while we were working. Just puddles to walk around and a towel to sit upon, since many spots were still wet from earlier rains. During our time together, I learned that Candace has just recently moved back to the south, we share a love for felines, and she is excited to hit the ground running doing what she loves. Writing.

She is writing a book and enjoying each step of the process. Which I find fascinating, as I know many writers and it seems like the ultimate goal is to push through the writing and get. it. published. Candace is not rushing. Nor do I get the impression she rushes in her professional work for clients. She is meticulous in crafting the words needed to persuade and inform. Which should come as no surprise after a background working for a national insurance company, as well as a state and federal lobbyist.

Whether you have been an online ghost with no web presence, or your headshots were taken over a decade ago…it might be time to schedule a session for current photographs of yourself. Don’t you want your clients and vendors to know who you are now? Not just a voice over the phone, but a clear image of the person creating the wonderful work that you do. Of course you do. Because you’re much better now than you were ten years ago.

Click here to reach out, ask questions, and schedule a time to make your professional headshots to share on LinkedIn, your website, or even just facebook.

Check back next Wednesday for the follow up post in my weekly summer headshots series. I met with five good people one morning in downtown Woodstock at the Copper Coin when another local business owner reserved the private conference room explicitly for making studio backdrop headshot photographs.