Signature Art Images Rolled Out! – Yildiz + Michael’s Engagement!

08th Aug, 2015Signature Art

I have been wanting to make this happen for months. The stars and resources have aligned and now I will be doing this for each engagement session and wedding going forward!

I. Am. So. Excited.

But with a ton more exclamation points!!!

Like kid on Christmas morning kind of exclamation points and excitement.

During the session or wedding day, I am looking for backdrops that make my people stand out.
That is different than the, “Hey! Can you stand here and look all lovey dovey, ya’ll? K, thanks!” Snap.

And I’m also looking to create interactions and moments in front of incredible backgrounds that can be taken to the next level by my image artist.
Her scorcery far exceeds my own in this arena. Which is why I hired a professional for this endeavor.

I want the final image to be phenomenal artwork to hang above your mantel or sofa and makes everyone stop in their tracks and say, “Whoa!”

I won’t be passing along any additional charge to my clients for this. It’s an added bonus that I wanted to be able to provide with my services.

To take my business up a level in my offerings.

For this reason, Signature Art Images will only be available in printed format (wall art, books, or albums) so I can ensure the print quality is perfection for my clients. It will truly be artwork to display proudly on your walls.

Here is the original so you can see the difference.

And to see Yildiz + Michael’s engagement session in Buckhead, click over and don’t miss out. They are fabulous people!

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