Alicia + Warren – ENGAGED! – Centennial Park, Atlanta GA Engagement Photography Session

These two. They cut up. They poke fun. One might be a troublemaker.

Alicia is a Wisconsin girl and a Green Bay Packers fan. As a Vikings fan (sorry, folks. I married into it and have no choice in the matter), I gave her the obligatory rival grief. And Warren is a steadfast University of Georgia Bulldogs fan. I have no college football leanings and was unable to give him any grief.

We walked around the sidestreets and alleys for a bit.

These two were constantly touching. Holding hands. Hugging each other close. And possibly sweeping one off her feet and spinning around in circles creating squeals of laughter and then the admission that he regularly does this. In public. Without warning.

And yet there is a comfort to be found in a steadfast partner.

After getting a handful of photographs in the football fan shirts, they changed it up and we headed to Atlanta’s Skyview Ferris wheel.

I loved that these two were goofy. They have their own inside jokes and sayings. Complete with bunny ears.

Sometimes I ask my people to take a walk. It’s a chance for them to catch a break from a close-up camera and a crazy photographer. And it’s a chance for me to see at a distance how they interact and mentally plan out the session in what I can ask them to do so they don’t feel awkward and we all have fun.

And in the cases where they’re both over six feet (ok, one had heels) and have long legs, they close distances quickly with their long legs and I have to ask them to do it again. And then I get joking, slow-mo running. Total awesomeness.

And then an intimate walk with arms wrapped around each other and hands being held. This language between couples. It’s unspoken, but universal. And I find it so fulfilling to photograph. To have these visible reminders that there is so much good in this world.

Sessions can be a constant dance. Working together. Up close. And then time alone when I am well out of earshot and private conversations can ensue.

They said the water felt good on their feet.

I love the game of Scrabble and thought it was very cool they brought Scrabble letters to show Alicia’s to-be-married name with her ring. Warren was our Idea Man and had many to share for creating photographs, especially with the ring and their name. I love when clients provide input and the session becomes a collaboration. Then we’re a team. I love that. A lot.

Silliness. Goofballs. It’s what I photograph. 🙂

Did I tell you that I loved the interactions between these two? I do. But then, I’m drawn to trouble makers and jokesters.

Apparently it’s a rare occasion to get a natural smile or laugh from one of these two. But I heard mention during their ordering appointment and watching the slideshow that I got it here. Score!

During their session, I asked about going up to a rooftop lounge for making portraits with the Atlanta skyline. Alicia sucked in her breath, told me she wasn’t fond of heights, but she would do it.

Especially when the above photograph was specially edited to create this dramatic photograph!

Kissing his cheek through their handmade heart was genius. Alicia had fab ideas, too.

Once we were back on street level, I think Alicia was filled with relief. No more heights to battle and we were almost done for the evening!

I think Warren was pondering this next set up. Possibly.

Warren did awesome at arranging the name tiles with the ring, flower, and cool rock. I could use a staging assistant on wedding days for these things. 😉

We ended our evening together in a side alley and parking garage entrance.

Thankful for the occasional breezes that greeted us throughout this sweltering evening together.

Alicia + Warren? You two were fabulous to work with and I cannot wait to put your book and USB in your hands.

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