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Minesh needed new Realtor professional headshots to update his online presence, as well as print materials. He knew he’d be advertising in ATLANTA magazine and wanted multiple options to use in the coming months. Minesh brought what could be an entire wardrobe for some, although he said it was just a small sample. I thought this was fabulous and would LOVE to have so many options to choose from for my people on their shoots.

What to wear for Realtor professional headshots

We talked through all the options and what would look best on camera. I asked Minesh which combinations he liked wearing the best and took that into account. Because you’ll look your best when wearing what you feel good in. Using eye-catching colors and non-distracting patterns is a great way to grab someone’s attention with your headshot. It will help you stand out from a sea of headshots or LinkedIn profiles. That is, if you’re wanting to get noticed.

Choosing the right background

Because Minesh knew his headshots would be used in print, we went with a white background. It creates a clean surface that merges seamlessly with a printed page (or online) and allows his headshot to stand out. And using a white background offers more flexibility for allowing space for words to be added later for any kind of marketing campaign he may choose.

Contact Kelley

If you are a Realtor needing to update your professional headshots, I’d love to talk with you! We will customize your headshot session to your needs for online or print marketing. I’ll help you look and feel your best so you have multiple headshots you can proudly use going forward with maximum flexibility! You can see more information here about headshots, as well as contact me directly. It will be easier than you expect. I promise!

Engaging Indian American Realtor Minesh Patel sitting on a stool and smiling for realtor professional headshots. He's wearing grey slacks, a teal blazer, and light pink button down shirt.
Smiling Indian American male with salt and pepper hair. He's wearing a teal blazer with a light pink button down shirt

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