Professional Headshots in Canton for Sean R

Seven out of ten people tell me they don’t like being in front of the camera. That they don’t like photographs of themselves.

Then those same seven out of ten people tell me afterwards their headshot session, “That was easy! I even like this photograph of myself!”

Do you know what the problem is? I suspect they haven’t had very good past experiences. That expectations weren’t properly set. Perhaps they didn’t have a photographer who knew how to control lighting or plan for appropriate backgrounds.

They also didn’t have open conversations with their photographer about personal hang-ups.

Now wait.

I know that sounds scary and you’re ready to click off this page.

But stay with me.

This isn’t the time for an open therapy session. We all have things that bother us and no one else. That’s normal.

There are easy ways to work around most of these things that bother us when we see photographs of ourselves.

Sometimes it’s as simple as flipping a photograph so we look the same way we see ourselves in the mirror.

Sometimes it’s the way we’re lit and what the shadows show. Or don’t.

Sometimes it’s that one eye looks bigger than the other. Or that our smile is asymmetrical (pssst. it’s ok. most everyone has an asymmetrical smile. and it’s one of the things I really love about humans).

There are a plethora of reasons why so many are less than thrilled with so many pictures of themselves, but what I’m trying to tell you is that there are normally very simple solutions for overcoming those and creating a headshot you’ll be thrilled to use to represent yourself professionally.

So if you’re one of those seven out of ten folks who doesn’t want to update your headshot because you don’t like photographs of yourself, but you know you need to get it done….stop dragging your feet.

Contact Kelley at Pear Tree Photography Atlanta to talk about updating your headshot. This is a judgment free zone when it comes to personal hang-ups, ok? I’ll be your partner and friend in helping you look your best. And I’ll even share embarrassing stories about myself that let you know you are not alone in this. It will be easier than you think. From start to finish.

I promise.

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