Casual and Professional Headshots in Woodstock for Jennifer S

When people contact me about headshots, my first question is normally, “What do you need it for?” or “How will you be using it?”

And then, “Do you want a plain backdrop or would you like to be outside with trees or buildings in the background?”

Some professions allow for a more casual appearance, while others not only want, but need a more formal backdrop.

Either is easy to accomplish, but understanding what you need and how you’ll be using your new headshot is key to ensuring I will be able to create an image you’ll be proud to represent yourself professionally.

There is more flexibility in the time of day for scheduling plain backdrops with studio set ups. Whereas, working outdoors for a more informal approach may be governed by the hot Georgia heat we endure during the summer. Which means early mornings or later in the evenings will be best. Along with a nice stack of paper towels to have handy when you start to glisten. I promise, you’ll be glad to have them on hand!

Whether your headshot session is indoors or outside, we will talk at length beforehand about what to wear. What to expect. What you get. What will look best. And how I can help look out for you and be your partner in creating that headshot you need.

Contact Kelley now at Pear Tree Photography Atlanta to discuss your headshot session and how easy it will be. From start to finish.

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