Dorothy’s Lifestyle Newborn Photographs In An Album And On A Fine Art Metal

Every life starts out a little differently. From the conception and finding out with a positive test to the arrival. Planned with a c-section or the surprise of when your water breaks. Most inconveniently.

Once these new miracles are brought home, there can be chaos. The household goes into a tailspin as new parents wonder if there will ever be a stretch of more than two hours of sleep at a time. Or if meals beyond a bowl of Fruit Loops will be a possibility. The dogs get territorial. The grandparents visit. More loads of laundry are run than could be expected when the clothes are so teeny tiny. And life becomes a blur as you opearte in survival mode and keep track of feeding times and diaper changes.

It’s not long before the memory grows fuzzy and you can’t remember those newborn sighs so clearly. And when they’ve doubled, tripled, quadrupled in size…it’s hard to recollect just how tiny those toes really were. Don’t blink. They’ll be fifteen before you know it and testing at the DMV for their learner’s permit. You’ll be wondering where the time went.

But Joshelin + Sean?
They’ll remember well how little Dorothy was when she was just ten days old.
How she was non-stop hungry.
How snuggly she was.
How close the dogs stayed by their sides.

They purchased this gorgeous 12×12 album FILLED with all of the photographs from their lifestyle newborn session celebrating Dorothy’s arrival.
This album is massive.
And heavy.
And beautiful.
And lovely.
And filled with memories of their sweet, miraculous, baby girl when she was just ten days old.
And not just this sweet little miracle, but also of their love.
For each other.
For Dorothy.

Parents laughing as they pull in for a kiss over their newborn baby girl
Newborn album opened to show images of mom breastfeeding her baby
Puppy sitting watch next to his human while she breastfeeds a newborn

I love how the album can show off a single image over two facing pages for maximum impact. And multiple images can be shared on a spread to tell more of a story.

Great Grandma holding newborn baby girl

As a little girl, I remember being fascinated by my Grandma’s hands. I’d roll the veins around on top of her hands and watch the wrinkly skin move around. Those hands. They had wiped away so many tears. Given so many hugs. Packed so many lunches. Tucked in kids for bed for decades. They brought comfort and love. When I looked at them, I didn’t see the signs of age. Just love.

It is because of those memories about my Grandma’s hands that I pay attention to the hands of others. They can bring healing, comfort, and love.

I loved Nanny’s hands and how they so easily and effortlessly held Dorothy.

I love that Dorothy will grow up seeing these photographs of her great grandma and keep that memory alive.

Photograph of a great grandma's hands holding a newborn in a photograph album
Great grandma holding her newborn great grand daughter

I love that Sean’s Mom brought Nanny. And that these four generations were able to sit together when the newest generation was just ten days old. Marveling over how small and perfect Dorothy was when she arrived. Filling her with love.

A newborn baby girl held and loved by her father, grandmother, and great grandmother.

Look at these little feet! So sweet!

Tiny newborn feet hanging over her father's lap in a black and white photograph

And little hands held by large, capable hands.
So perfectly and wonderfully made.

Large Dad hands holding his newborn daughter's hands

Their USB has one of their favorite images of Dorothy on it that’s full size in their album.

Sleeping newborn baby girl image on a wooden USB and in a large photo album
Precious Moments Wizard of Oz characters with ruby slippers in front of newborn baby girl named Dorothy

Look at how massively thick this 12×12 album is! I love that it’s filled with so many gorgeous images this family will have for a lifetime!

Lifestyle newborn photography album spine and edge

This is the 20×30 fine art metal they purchased. It’s perfect for above their fireplace! And it has holes for one inch metal posts to mount it out from the wall like a museum gallery piece. So gorgeous!

Fine art metal photograph of parents holding their ten day old newborn daughter

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