Romantic Winter Wedding At Villa Christina – Marget + Bruce

Decembers in Atlanta can be tricky. We can be wearing short sleeves and shorts. Or in the case of December 2017, we’d already had one good snow that shut down the city for a week. And another snow was projected for the afternoon of Margaret + Bruce’s romantic wedding day at the Villa Christina on the northside of Atlanta. It was a last minute decision to pull the ceremony into a ballroom from the gardens outside so guests wouldn’t freeze. Margaret + Bruce toughed it out for bridal portraits, although I think they did a great job at keeping each other warm.

Marriages starting later in life seem to have a greater appreciation for each other. Whether it’s past experiences or just the wisdom that comes with age beyond the twenties, there is a grace and kindness that I see with my couples. A different level of patience and enjoyment. When I asked these two what they enjoy most about each other, Bruce answered that everything is just better with Margaret. The mundane, like grocery shopping. Or dancing, which I gather he didn’t enjoy previously so much.

Bride getting makeup applied with large brush while having hair done
Makeup artist making silling face over bride
Overhead view of makeup artist and hair stylist around bride

There was much discussion and strategizing over what hairstyle would look best and if the tiara could be incorporated. It ended up not making the cut.

Hair and makeup artist strategizing over bride

The beadwork on Margaret’s dress was absolutely stunning!

Beaded wedding dress bodice hanging from a bed canopy

Loved that Margaret’s curls were still a highlight through her veil!

Bride's hair through veil while tattooed makeup artist applies final touches

Margaret shared this red lipstick with Bruce when they kissed at the end of the ceremony.

Bride looking at red lips in mirror
Makeup setting solution being sprayed on bride's face

Always love seeing how many hands it takes to fasten a bridal gown because there’s so much love and anticipation surrounding the bride in these moments.

Hands of three people fastening back of bridal gown
Bride smiling and waiting while friends fasten the back of wedding gown
Smiling bride with Dad walking her down wedding aisle
Wedding party and guests gathered inside Villa Christina ballroom for wedding ceremony
Groom hugging + kissing bride in middle of wedding ceremony
Bride leading groom through Villa Christina gardens
First dance and almost kiss between bride and groom in Villa Christina ballroom

Bruce says Margaret is his angel. He adores her with every ounce of his being. It’s the kind of love that when you see it, you wish you had it, too.

Groom leaning into bride during dance at Villa Christina
Three women dancing and singing in Villa Christina
Woman dancing in middle of wedding circle at Villa Christina
Bride singing and line dancing in Villa Christina wedding

They didn’t want the typical wedding ring photographs. But documentation of them wearing their new wedding bands. Together.

Bride + groom hands wearing wedding bands
Man dancing in Villa Christina wedding ball room with hands over his head

Margaret + Bruce. Thank you for entrusting me with the honor and privilege of documenting your wedding day.
I’m so glad you LOVE all your images and am wishing you decades to come of happiness!