The Coolest Wedding Box And USB – Bruce + Margaret’s Wedding Day Remembered

I love returning wedding days to my couples. These meet ups are always so fun. All of the stress of wedding planning has passed. As my couples watch their slideshow, there is laughter and smiling and nodding and comments from “I didn’t know YOU (fiance, now husband or wife) were doing THAT!” to a sigh followed by, “I love that YOU (Kelley) caught that!”

Sometimes there are squeals. Sometimes there are tears.

My people are so different. Sometimes they’re incredibly emotional and others aren’t so outwardly open in their reactions.

But there is always laughter. And a few sighs.

And it’s so incredibly rewarding. To return a wedding day to my people.

To see them love the images I created.
That their trust in me and how I see the world to tell the story of their wedding day was fulfilled.
And loved.

While wedding days may be anywhere from eight to twelve hours of photography coverage, there are dozens more hours that go into the handling of the images. The culling down from the thousands of images to hundreds of the best ones. And then the fine tuning of each image to ensure the exposure is correct. The colors are vibrant. The emotion is coming through.

These are the hours when I’m listening to my couple’s music on repeat as I relive their day. Numerous hours each day, every day, for weeks.

When I go to bed at night, their music is playing in my head as I think about what I accomplished in editing their images from that day and what I will work on the next day. What I can’t wait to share with them. The anticipation is killer.

Truly. My excitement is painful as I think about making screenshots to share in sneaky text messages of “OHMYGOSH! WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE THIS!!!”

And I refrain. Because seeing the in-person reactions to the slideshow and then opening up the package with a carefully wrapped box filled with photographs to immediately hold….that’s too good to ruin.

This is Margaret + Bruce’s image box and USB. I love how the photographs fit perfectly inside. That they immediately had images to hold. Not just a USB with the digitals and an online gallery. Although an online gallery is nice to view and share wedding memories. But the photographs to pull out of the box and hold? There’s a different feeling that courses through your body and pulls you back into the moment when you can physically hold it.

Bride and groom in front of Villa Christina on wedding image box

Hundreds of photographs fill this wedding image box. Squee! So many memories!

Hundreds of wedding photographs filling the inside of a wedding image box

I love that I can customize these wedding boxes with my couple’s names and wedding details!

Custom wedding image box with bride + groom names and details
Bride leading her groom on Villa Christina pathway on wedding image box

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