Another USB And Wall Art – DELIVERED! To The Damiano Family!

The Damiano family is all about documenting their continual evolution as a family. They’ve gone through many moves and now their children are growing up with their first leaving the home. Their walls are covered with memories, from family portraits to an ever-changing height history of every family member. Now they have a new photograph to adorn their walls. They went with this gorgeous 20×30 fine art metal for the portrait with all of their children. Below you can see the float mount on the back that will make it stand out from the wall.

There are even little rubber bumpers on each corner of the float to ensure the metal does not scratch any surface.

And here’s their USB filled with all of the digital images from their session.

You can see the book they purchased here with almost all of the photographs from their lifestyle family session.

And if you missed their session, please rectify that right now and click over.

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