Buford GA Family Photography Session At Little Mulberry Park – The D Family

I find it such an honor when someone I knew in elementary or high school reaches out and asks me to photograph their family.

It’s not only a pleasure catching up and seeing what we’ve each been doing over the past decade, or two. But it’s fabulous to find that I like these people.

That as a teenager, I did have a good judge of character in thinking these folks were pretty stellar at the time.

As parents, I think they’re even better human beings. It’s cool to see them raising little people of their own.

Little people who are testing the waters in everything. Running. Saying, “NO!” Running some more.

Seeing their patience and amusement with the whole process. It’s fun.

To see parents find such enjoyment in their children is THE best.

They speak with fascination and pride, telling me, “He’s putting together two and three word sentences now!”

That’s pretty rad. That these two parents delight in what seems like such a simple task for most, but knowing it is hard work for their two year old.

I really like that about them. It makes me wish I had paid better attention to my children when they were first developing. That I had taken more time to be amazed in what seemed so ordinary to me. But was truly extraordinary for this little human figuring things out.

I love capturing these moments of parent and child together. With hands being held. The safety net is there, if needed.

These little guys. They grow so fast. It seems like yesterday that my son was this size. And now he’s almost as tall as me.

This was such a neat park. It had trails that circled a lake. The fog that was on the surface of the water when I first arrived had all burned off by the time my family and I made our way around to this little dock.

They were constantly pointing out things to their son. Look at this! Look at that! And his eyes would follow in wonder.

I love the need to assert independence. To be his own self. With this pensive little stare.

So we might have made a few photographs without him, while he was running around. 🙂

In spite of his excellence at being two years old, we did manage some smiles.

It was a chilly morning and we were nearing the end of the universal amount of time for children under five to hold it together, so we headed back after this family photograph.

Where we had mucho fun stepping on leaves and squealing while running in circles.

Because who doesn’t love to stomp on leaves and squeal? Or am I the only adult who does that?

Before we parted ways, I made a couple of photographs of my parents together without their younglings. I think that’s important. Having reminders of being a couple that is separate from being a parent. While parenting is largely life consuming in these early stages, it is not the only thing that defines us. We need these reminders that we have a partner in crime at our sides. To hold our hands and squeeze us tight. Throughout the wins and the losses.

You guys are amazing parents. And people. I thoroughly enjoyed our morning together.

And the peppers and jelly that you sent home with me. So. Delicious.