Another Pear Tree Photography Atlanta Book – DELIVERED! To The Damiano Family!

This book is filled with more than just highlights from the Damiano family session. It’s bursting with almost every image made and then chosen by this sweet family.

It tells the story of their family on an October afternoon shortly before Halloween. When decorations adorned the house. Candy was already being consumed. And the eldest was preparing to take off on a two year mission.

It tells the story of the laughter and mischief they share over card games.

How quickly they are all growing up.

The playhouse basement perfect for scooter rides, book balancing, foam square fights, and big screen movies.

The camaraderie shared between siblings at the local playground on teeter totters and swing sets and park benches.

After their session, I asked the parents if their children always get along so well and truly enjoy each others company. Smiles slowly formed and they nodded. Yes. They pretty much always get along this well.

You can see their lifestyle family session here. And their metal wall art and USB here.

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